Sex and Age Differences: Part 1  

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1/4/2006 5:42 pm

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Sex and Age Differences: Part 1

I have written about six different pieces on age differences and preferences and I haven't posted one. Partly because they are too long and involved. It's My Tom/Katie and Demi/Ashton piece that I've mentioned quite a while back. I've mulled over and over....and over. The debate of drawing on experience, being honest while trying to be tactful....and then there's having fun with the subject.

So what is the attraction between significant age differences already? Age and/or experience can toughen up some views and make ones own Peer group or Age group less tolerent, cynical, or even jaded. If you're age group that has reached a collective consensus that highlights the drum of ones mortaility highlighted by brutal sarcasm, you could be a candidate. Positivety, creativety, vision, and patience are some of the first victims of Age and Experience.

A key component of attraction is not youth by itself. I believe it's as much a component of personal reflection. Wanting to embrace and connect with elements of oneself that have been stowed away but actively seeks revival. It "Appears" to be easier to connect with someone who stimulates what made/ makes us whole. If it's possible, then idea is ballance. Experince paired with positvety, creativety, and so on up to patience.

More later....

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