SEX: Can Men and Woman See and Pursue Sex in the Same Way?  

rm_xnite 46M
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9/22/2005 10:53 am

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SEX: Can Men and Woman See and Pursue Sex in the Same Way?

Something about sites like this fly in the face of common conventions I grew up learning and have tried to adhere to. That there are defined fundamental differences in the way Men and Women reason, view, and participate in Sex. Although this site (from the male perspective) displays equal sexual goals and mind set between Women and Men, is that really possible? I'll say this much, there are the occasional "occurrences" that play out as advertised, but they are far from common. These types of occurrences readily happen in the real world anyway. In the Cam Rooms alone, there is the proof of online activity, but how much of that ever spills over into a real world encounter?

I'm betting a majority of the members here play within their internal guidelines of psychology and emotion tied to their sex. But that's were being online levels the field. If there is a beauty in online interactivity, it's the ability to apply the minimum of those values and risk that are presented in face to face meetings. All cultural and social customs aside, this presents the ability to disconnect in an instant when things don't go right.

Will anything ever really replace the need to see body language, make eye contact, listen to the vocal intonation of a persons voice? That internal need for physical and mental stimulus that only a real meeting between two people can provide. I don't believe that it can, and its potential detrimental effects and implications on social behavior are greater than many of us may ever understand.

There are the perceived benefits women gain from exploring their sexual curiosities without ever having to act on them. If there's a positive it would be the allowance of a woman to experiment without inhibition. To explore their ideas they would not have entertained otherwise. All this done without the fear of consequence. Could the benefits favor both men and women in pursuit of sexual common ground? I would be inclined to say yes at first. Then again, I am always reminded that irregardless of how far woman's sexual inhibitions may advance, there are some basic behavioral problems that men seem destined never to overcome.

rm_TwiztedCharm 56M
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9/27/2005 12:38 am

Well said

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