Real Short Small Points  

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Real Short Small Points

Voyeurism and Exhibtionism (Not Part 2)

As I write this there are 18 women on web cam compared to 452 Men on Web cam here at AdultFriendFinder. So what do those numbers tell you? I could go on a long spiel about it, but I'll save that for later. There's actually allot there just under the surface. I have some interesting observations about transitions I've seen women make. Ahh enough...more later.


Yes this Site Works: Put a little Effort into It

In the AdultFriendFinder Magazine I am starting to read that even women are questioning the results they are getting from this site. How these women are not get responses to emails they've sent.

In reading the post I was initially surprised. Reading a little further and it was obvious these were not Women seeking Men. This was about Women seeking Women. I'll make it quick and attribute this to the anonymous world and distance provided by the Internet. That even when women are dealing with women, the convenience of the Web allows them to showcase themselves (or their sexual alter ego) without having to own up to it.

The reality is when it comes to getting responces. "You get out of it what you are willing to put into it." Getting more involved in the site opens up the chances of meeting with people who are really interested in getting together.


Getting Duped: When a profile really is an Ad

It happened over the course of a week. I thought I had met up with a like minded woman. But eventualy the emailing between us here resulted in a sign up for a website for chat services. Although this has not happened many times, it is annoying when you think you're dealing with an interested woman.

It also put to rest that Standard accounts would be the only source for such a ruse.


God: I love Women

There is nothing else like them. The shape, the form and the taste. Even women love women. And Men love Women who love Women. Where does it end? Whatever their preference to be called. Girl, Lady, Woman....what have you. Man must have been the failed expendable proto type.

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