Profile Pics: Long Shots or Anatomical Zooms  

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9/14/2005 11:02 am

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Profile Pics: Long Shots or Anatomical Zooms

OK, I am sure everyone's tastes are different when it comes to members pictures in their profiles. There are ones with cameras so close to their crotch you could check their pulse or take a DNA sample. Then ther are those pictures with a smiling face and a 2nd standing photo shot. I personally have preference for the later, and the more pictures the better. To each his/her own, but I think when you meet someone you will see their face first. That is unless you have some special arrangement. But lets not go there.

If you don't have any pictures at all, just realize at some point, you'll most likely get asked for one. The persons interest will likely want to check for physical attraction at some point. This isn't shallow if you're browsing others profiles with pictures. It has to do more with common sense. OK some guys....I mean a majority of guys simply need a pulse and place and they're happy, but there's a small group of men that aren't that low.

The need for online discretion can't be understated. I give it about a few more weeks before someone I know sees my pictures. Then I know I'll have some explaining to do.
But if you're already serious and setting up a meeting, you need to consider buying a Webcam and sending shots via email. Send those pictures so the other person knows what you look like. There's discretion, there's subtle mystery, and then there's just plain hiding something. Don't wait till the 11th hour to come clean.

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