Online Fickleness and Getting Lucky  

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1/6/2006 2:32 pm

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Online Fickleness and Getting Lucky

I started out attached. Relationship on it's last legs which ended soon after I joined here. I honestly have never joined a site as good as A.F.F. But soon after the bustle, buzz, and dust settled down, some things became apparent. Beyond "mutually clicking" with assorted women here, there really was a task of sorting out the details in getting to meet. For many of the reasons I've already written about, these really aren't simple arrangements. I will be absolutely honest here in saying that even though its easier to click with someone online, it's 8 times easier to read something that makes me reconsider. And I'm a male, so imagine that multiplied about 10-100 fold for women.

Realistically patience is a virtue and if something great is going to happen, you work it up to that end. But more encounters are endless chat, and endless chat is cheap and ultimately frustrating. About one month in I felt I hit a prolonged dry spell, chat was actually more work than fun. So I took some time off and disconnected.

So by luck I didn't delete a email from a site I had yet to cancel. Completely by whim and out of hand I responded to a woman ....then 2 days, 4 days, 2 weeks, 3 weeks of chatting then talking and then Wham!! I met my wonderful girl. So completely out of the blue, I didn't have time to to really think twice about it. Sharp, positive, creative, great conversationalist, open, and a solid fit. We know ourselves well. and it's an open very Long Distance Relationship that works best for our sexual activity.

Which brings me back full circle to this site. After reading countless queries and posts that sound bourne of frustration, my only suggestion is, take a little time off. It's a far different view or perspective from within a realtionship. The online world, whatever your interests can be far too fickle.

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