Cyber Sex: My Growing Appreciation  

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12/16/2005 5:34 pm

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Cyber Sex: My Growing Appreciation

Who gave it that stupid name. I mean Phone Sex sounds decidedly less nerdy.

So "Cyber" is not for everyone but I've been meeting more woman with at least an interest to try Voyeur/Exhibition via Web cam. I can't imagine anyone ever claiming that remote sex across a great divide is better than real flesh on flesh sex. Anyone suggesting that may have some social or personal issues. That being written, do people not masturbate anymore? I mean, if I see something that sets erotic charges to my nether regions, do I just walk it off. No, of course not. It's been that way since forever and I presume it's the same with many others. Both men and women.
So now we have the thought process an active/live adult video joined together.

Of course there is what happens online here day and night. In that respect public orgies can turn most anyone off. Kind of like a beehive of lust in which a bunch of drones amass around a queen. Each hoping to get [edit edit edit]. Curiously like sperm trying to breach the egg. Ok the point is made. That notion is not entirely built out of close intimacy. That simply is not the same because now you are playing to a genuine audience, like it or not. So that's why IM was invented..Yahoo, MSN and the like .or at least it makes it for a more private and enjoyable affair.

I'll say one thing, it's not as easy as turning on a camera and going to business. Or at least that's not the way I prefer to approach it. That's where I think some may be turned off by the idea. Where masturbation is personal and is done at ones pacing, a camera and screen may appear to open ended. Exhibition brings on the idea of performance so what am I supposed to do. For starters the people interested in taking part should discuss what is hot, erotic, and pleasurable between them. If anything, there is allot more communication between the man and woman going on which presents some nice side effects. Just like regular sex there are preferences. Interesting enough with the right person maybe even an uncommon bond. Really knowing someone on a different personal level.

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