Chat, Sex Chat, ... then SEX?  

rm_xnite 46M
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12/20/2005 12:16 pm

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Chat, Sex Chat, ... then SEX?

I know there are those that will claim to have a great number of meetings arranged here and I'm not one to cast doubt. Some of us will get by with a small number of encounters, comfortably. That said, even when one gets into a good "get to know you" chat followed by the "Steamy sexual conversation", there are no guarantees anything is going to happen.

There's no doubt (if you can communicate well enough) that like minded people will find each other here. It's another thing altogether to actually arrange to meet. Maybe its because most ideas of a meeting are rooted in such a singular reason SEX. No matter how open the arrangement, if someone's not 120% sure this is right, it's not going to go through. I've covered the reasons for those points before, and I'm not going to rehash those points.

For me it's real hard to discount "Chemistry". This is not Relationship Chemistry, but that Chemistry that charges you up to really want to share a sexual experience with someone. It's the build up or as one could say "It's the thrill of the chase" that accounts for peaking that interest. Lightning, Sparks, or Fireworks. Face it, once you dispense with Lust, Passion, and, Sex you're going to talk unless you bolt for the door with your fingers in your ear. This is where I am betting there is a HUGE dividing line amongst us. It's that "Sexual Need" vs that "Need to Know". With everyone it's different, but it's hard to dismiss.

I've personally throttled back my purpose of why I am here for a variety of reasons. It pretty much serves the same purpose, but my views on actually following through with a meeting are more reserved. That is no longer my primary goal. A little more patience and wait and see. Most everyone, regardless of a sizeable sex drive has their own defined comfort zone.

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