one more  

rm_xjeandax 45M/45F
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10/14/2005 9:38 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

one more

here's how he left me ......breathless

Jerwell5 41M
14 posts
11/25/2005 10:19 am

looks like he put up some work, for how long did this went on?? I can probably do a lot better (smile) ...anyways nice pictures

rm_xjeandax 45M/45F

12/2/2005 11:09 pm

well, you know what they say "if a woman can think about the time when you're pleasing her, then you're not pleasing her at all"
...hun, the time was the furthest thing from my mind at the moment. Oh, and I'm sure you can do just as well-k-

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