What drives you......to want, need, crave...  

rm_xcitmi11 46F
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8/2/2006 12:48 am

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10/14/2007 11:28 am

What drives you......to want, need, crave...

Sitting here, thinking, do that a lot, those of you who know me, who have had a glimsp of my mind, of my creative states of thoughts...well, being here on this crazy place of a meeting thing, I was wondering how many of you actually have experiences or persay the place inside that drives that sexual want, need, craving,....the kind that I speak of is something more than, well just looking at a picture, or listening to someone describing how, when, where, why, because....now I have probably lost most of you...if so maybe you have no clue because you hook-up and fuck whatever you can, but for me....sexual desire, wanting and craving, lusting, well....is more...let me explain....
I am all about fun, and a fun girl, but I will sit and watch mannerisms, how you say a certain word to me, a look, a whisper, how you may wet your lips, take a drink....walk away across a room, I find many of men watch me and found out why....and this is what it is....I lick my lips a way, to moisten them in conversation, I rub my finger across my bottom lip, take a drag of a smoke and exhale a way no one else does(yes, I know you non-smokers)I my touch you a way ever so softly by accident in just meeting, or not by accident, how I may run my fingers threw my hair...things like these turn the key....before you step on the pedal, so why so many assclowns on here....have they never felt real lust, mind wanting to know what is to come, the unknown is so facinating when just getting a glimsp of what you know you crave. Maybe I am crazy, won't deny this, have been known to be a wild child at heart, but I lust after the little things I know I like about someone knowing there are bigger things to cum.....hahaha, understand now! That drives me....the unknown, the getting there, not already been there! Until again,... -X.- no signature required!

rm_man4funomaha 41M

8/2/2006 4:40 am

Hey xcitmi11

I know exactly what you're talking about... several things get my
heart racing and my imagination flowing. first of all I smile
alot at women when I pass by them...when they smile back or
say hello this gets me rather wound up...(I am always HORNY but
that's probably normal for most men).
Second, body language is huge... when talking eye contact and
physical proximity are huge... I've felt this rather palpable
yet unspoken "chemistry" thing when meeting a woman for the first
time... it's not common, but when it happens it's oh so real.
I am married and most people I meet while at work so usually
there's really nothing I can do with this "connection" but believe
you me I enjoy it while it lasts and try to keep it going for as
long as possible. I was raised to be polite so I would never
engage in crude or lewd talk at this point although often times
I begin thinking in "fantasy". Imagining tasting her lips,
looking at them while she's talking, etc. We have all also
been caught looking at a woman's breasts and cleavage, too.
Funny when they notice and they look you in the eye and smile...
this is a very common reaction I've found.

Third... lip licking? Oh so true! Moist, wet lips, or even
when the tip of your tongue appears slightly clenched between
nice white teeth.... very sexy and seductive...

Never been one to hook up and fuck very spontaneously, more like
my few adventures have been w VERY SPECIAL friends... my
"fuck buddies".... sex is so much more than just physical insertion
of penis into vagina, tongue in vagina... it's that shared excitement
of the chase, the first kiss, anticipation, touch, and the feeling
of knowing you're taking your friend on the ride to the ultimate
pinnacle of lustful pleasure... the climax... then the holding,
caressing, and massage of the all too underrated afterplay!

So I don't know if my observations are consistent with what you're
getting at but I know what I feel when there is attraction... just
fucking isn't going to get that ultimate experience...it's much
much more... I've had some interesting experiences as I've travelled
in my jobs over the years... made some great friends along the way,
a few sexual and a whole bunch more whom I cherish just for who they
are... some who I'd love to go further w and fantasize w but due
to circumstances we cannot.

External stimuli... thunderstorms are hot! And certain music just
makes us horny.... overhearing others' talk of their adventures,
Some women just have incredible voices that get things going...and
my favorite..."CFM" eyes...the come fuck me eyes...I can still
remember vividly in my mind instances of this!!!

Thanks for sharing....


rm_danielsr345 66M
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8/8/2006 1:09 pm

Hello,to watch people is fun....what are they thinking what truns them on........the mind is the greatest thing of all.want to look into mine..........Thank-you.Dan

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