I have been away......for a short vacay....  

rm_xcitmi11 46F
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8/21/2006 12:50 pm

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10/14/2007 11:26 am

I have been away......for a short vacay....

Hey everyone, how the heck are you all? I have been out on a little vacation...oh my, what a beautiful world there is out there....sometimes we just don't allow ourselves the luxuries to let go and just take whatever it is in and give away our hang ups. Let loose and see what there is all to see in this enormous place we plant ourselves on. Some of you may have been or live in the mountainous regions of the earth, but I don't....I get to experience the great flatness of Nebraska. So I went to the Utah area, Park City to be more specific, stayed in a multimillion dollar condo right on the golf course, with mountain range all around me. Air balloon lift off daily in my view, and had all the amenities afforded to me at no cost to myself....(that's the nice thing about that). Anyway, taking ski lifts to the top of 10,000 feet elevation mountain tops, with spectacular views through the view finder of a camera, hiking down and the breathtaking air being taken in just does something to ones body, mind and soul. With each breath and view, each smell of the pine trees....you can't imagine, or maybe you have...nothing better can clean one's mind and take more in to your little world. To those who are not familiar with Park City, Utah....this is where the 2002 Winter Olympics were held and it is also where the Sundance Film Festival is every year. While I was there I did some networking with some galleries with my art stuff, (again, some may not know I am a free lance artist), so I am also very excited about that also. Wow, just cannot say enough....I also went to some surrounding areas....just not as excited as I was about Park City....I am sure if I had more time, there is much, much more to see out that way.....Yellowstone....is one thing I would have liked to have gone to...I'll get there soon!! I need to unpack now.....so until....-X-.

rm_txworm999 52M
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8/21/2006 1:49 pm

Oh why the heck didnt ya invite me on this lil getaway? sure sounds real nice out there, maybe someday for me...lol

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