what would my mom say about this?  

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10/18/2005 7:32 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

what would my mom say about this?

simply put. she would not be amused, but nor would she be surprised. i am on the edge and looking for something new. my future has just opened up and i have to make the best of it.

within the past month, my wife of five years and mother to my two daughters has asked for a divorce. she is moving out and leaving me with the house and physical custody of the girls. tonight, she is at her new apartment doing god knows what. she is slowly moving out, but not moving out fast enough.

why am i pushing her to get the hell out? because the reason that she wants a divorce is because she has fallen in love with a guy that she met online three months ago. we have had our differences and with the advent of her meeting him (her soulmate), she has decided to throw away this fraud of a marriage that pretended to be happiness and wait for him to move into our area and start her life anew.

did i want a divorce? no, but i have known that this was going to happen sooner or later. she was unhappy and nothing i could do could change that. i am still at a lose as to why she married me. her answer is that she was just naive. fun stuff i know.

so, i find myself working and taking care of my girls by day and thinking darker, more sinister thoughts by night. hence, my taking a chance on a site called 'AdultFriendFinder'. hah. hot sex on a platter, but only after my girls are asleep and only after my wife has completely moved out. hah. what do you think of me now, mom? i would ask her, if i was talking to her.

even as i type this, i wonder, what kind of person i am? where will this lead? hah. time to stop playing the part of spectator and get back into the game.

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