The Dream  

rm_xRanger13 46M
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8/13/2006 10:24 am
The Dream

You are laying naked on top of the sheets because it is too hot out. You're fast asleep with your arms and legs splayed out. I slowly creep into the room and look at your slender body in the moonlight. Your nipples are hard and pointing straight to the ceiling.

I carefully climb onto the bed so as not to disturb you. I lean forward and breath deeply the wam musky smell of your pussy. I notice the glistening lips and a small amount of your pussy juice dripping down. I can tell you were playing with yourself and must've cum real hard. I lean in and swipe my tongue across your lips. Licking up the juice and leaving a new cost of wetness.

You stir slightly but do not wake up. I lean forward and lick your pussy some more. I can hear you breath start to sharpen into little gaps but you still stay fast asleep. I continue licking your pussy and sucking on the lips. I can taste your pussy getting wet. I alternate between licking your lips, nibbling them and then suckin on your clit.

You start to moan now, but are still asleep. One of your hands moves up to your breasts and slowly massages it. The sight of this turns me on more. I work your clit with my tongue. I curl my tongue into a tube and slide your clithood back with it. I continue to fuck your clit with my rolled tongue. Your body starts to twitch and you ar now using hands to knead and pinch your nipples. A load moan escapes from your throat and your back arches as you cum hard.

I pull away quickly and hide down on the floor. After a couple of seconds you lay back down and continue. I chuckle at how deep you are sleeping. I stroke my cock a bit to get it real hard. I slowly climb on the bed and then slide my cock into your pussy. A moan escapes from your lips, but your head is still rolled to the side.

I fuck you slowly with long dep strokes. Your breath comes out in short little gasps. I lean forward and place my arms on both sides of your shoulders. I start to fuck you harder. Driving my cock dep inside you. You still continue to sleep. I fuck you real hard now, lifting your ass off the bed with each thrust. After a few strokes I unload a huge load of cum into you. Another loud moan coms from you.

I climb off and quickly clean myself. I then lay down on the bed and pretend to be asleep. After a few minutes you rose slightly and run your hand over your pussy. You feel my cum dripping out of it. You scoop up a little and bring it to your mouth. You taste it and then smile. You look over at me and say, 'Guess it wasn't a dream."

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