Chapter 2 - The Conversation  

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5/6/2006 6:45 am
Chapter 2 - The Conversation

Driving along towards the casino, the girls talk about their husbands and boyfriends. Kristen just sits there chuckling listening to all the stories. It's been over a year since she had last been with a man. Thinking back, he wasn't all that good. She can't remember ever really being excited enough to have a good orgasm with a man. Then again, she had a only been with a few.

After a few drinks in the car on the way, the girls conversation starts to get more raunchy. She listens as one of here friends talks about how she likes to take a cock a deep in her throat and feel it stretching. Another mentions how she loves to suck a cock and make it squirt cum all over her face, smearing the cum with head and then licking as much of it off as she can. Another tells a story of how a guy gave her a rimjob and then fucked her ass.

Listening to all the stories was making her horny. When the last one told her story, they looked at Kristen and asked what she liked to do. She smiled and thought about it for a while and then just joked, 'I'd just liked to get fucked'. They all laughed.

Pulling into the casino parking lot, they all get out and adjust their clothes. They all looked hot and ready to go. Kristen adjusts her tight black leather mini-skirt and black stockings. They enter the casino and is immediately awash with the sounds of the games and noise of everyone betting and talking. A waiter appears and they place their drink orders, a screwdriver for her, a black martini, cosmo and a white russian for the rest. They head down to the tables and slots.

After an hour or so on the slots, Kristen decides she wants to try something new, so she heads over to a blackjack table. She's never really played but thought she understood the basics of it. She sits at the end of the table and observes the guy next to her. He has long hair, just past his shoulders, all one length, broad shoulders and muscular arms. He turns to her and says hi as she sits down. She smiles back. He has beautiful vibrant blue eyes and an enticing smile.

He continues his conversation with his friend in a volume loud enough to hear.

'You know Todd, I need a maid and a secretary. I have so much work going and coming in, that I have no time to take care of the house."

"Yeah I know what you mean. Running all the dealerships has kept me busy too. My wife is never home keeping that mom & pop small business going and I'm never home because no one can do their jobs."

They both chuckle.

Todd asks, " They finish the pool in your house?"

"Yeah, last week. It's all filled and warmed up. It's nice having a pool in the house. I had a big hot tub installed too. Seats 8. Should work well for the get togethers I have."

"That's cool", replied Todd.

The guy next to her leans over and whispers into her ear, "I'd split those aces and see if you can get 2 natural blackjacks". She looks down and notices she has 2 aces and then smiles up at him. She plits the aces and doubles her bet. She receives a nine and a queen. At least she got one natural blackjack. The dealer holds with a nineteen. She smiles as she notices she has won twice. She looks over at the guy next to her and says, "Wow, I never have any luck in life. Thanks".

"Anytime" he replies with a big smile. She can tell he has been checking her out. In the back of her mind, something is tugging at her that he looks familiar.

He turns back to his friend and says, "I think I am going to find a live in maid and get a secretary this weekend. I'll just put out an ad."

"You going to place the requirements and salary too?", Todd asks.

"Hell yeah, make it more enticing that way. I figure the maid I'll pay 25K including room, board and use of the pool and jacuzzi when I am not entertaining."

"What are you going to do when you entertain?", Todd asks.

"I'll give her a little money to go to the movies or out on a date, or ask that she stays within her quarters that night. Well I've lost enough money, I'm heading out."

"Same here." Todd replies.

She thinks about the money and the job that he just offered. 25k with no bills was a good chunk of change. And she though she could be the secratary too and get more money. She decides to ask him if he was serious about the job and that she would like to apply for it. Building up her courage, she says "Excuse me, I co9uldn't help overhearing you were looking for help."

He turns to her and smiles, "Yes?"

"I'd be interested in the live-in maid and maybe the secratary."

He looks her up and down and says, "Ok, stop by my house tomorrow around noon and we can talk." He hands her a business card, smiles and then walks off.

Her friends catch up to her and chuckle, noticing the guy walking away. She replies, "just some guy at the table." They drive home joking and talking about the guys they met. After arriving back at her dreary apartment, she goes to the closet and starts to try and pick an outfit for tomorrow. She finds one that os sexy, but business like.

Lying in bed, she starts to dream about being a maid in a french outfit. Having him come home one day and finidng her on her knees scrubbing the floor with her ass in the air. She can feel herself getting moist between her legs and starts to play with herself. She spreads her thighs open more so she play with her clit better. She imagines him coming up from behind and stroking her ass. She moans and sticks her ass higher in the air. He pulls down her panties and starts to tongue her little hole. She can feel her pussy getting and starting to drip down her thighs. She can feel a finger slide into her ass. She wants to feel him deep in her ass, feel his hot cum squirt inside.

She dreams that he lifts up her face and guides his cock into her mouth. The thick veisn feel wonderful as he slides it in and out of her mouth. Get it nice and wet he says. She leaves alot of saliva along the shaft. He climbs behind her and slowly pushes the cock into her ass. At first she feels pain, but just moans instead. After a few strokes the pain quickly turns to pleasure and she moans louder.

Lying on the bed dreaming, she works her clit and fingers her back door. She needs more. Reaching over to the nightstand, she opens the drawer and pulls out one of her smaller vibrators. She quickly lubes it up and then turns sideways. She slide the vibrator into her ass and starts to pump it. She continues to play with her clit, her fingers coated in her juice. She feels her climax building and quickens the pace.

In her dreams he is fucking her ass faster now, with longer and deeper strokes. She maons loudly and plays with her clit. She can feel a huge orgasm building. He grabs onto her hips hard and slams his cock all the way into her ass. She can feel the full length filling her up. She feels his hot cum quirting inside her and she cums. A huge orgasm, her pussy squirts the most she has ever done.

She pulls her fingers out and licks them clean, she throws the vibrator on the floor and rolls over falling asleep.

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