more girls should be like her!!!!  

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2/2/2006 8:25 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

more girls should be like her!!!!

Oh the adventures of picking up a girl for a threesome. Not so easy as it sounds! okay so im 19, and ive done it before but my 20 year old husband jeff hasnt. Almost as long as ive been married to him...which is almost a year, hes been fantasizing about me him and another girl. So anyways, at first i was like no way am i sharing you!!!! but now im like...this is gonna be great i love sex more than anything. its the best thing next to masturbatuon...hahaha. i am trying to find a hot chick whose brave enough to join us in the sack. Ive tried sooooo hard, but to my suprise people arent actually as open with sexuality as they say. Its dissapointing. i mean me and jeff will go to a party and ill get naked with our friend jesus, and no one cares. its so normal for us to do that...ecspecially jesus. he always instigates it. Anyways, yea ive found girls that would kiss me in front of him, one that chickened out at the last second, and one thats all talk and wont do ANYTHING! But this is great...he got a little taste of it a few weeks ago. we went to a strip club and i found the hottest sexiest girl in there to give him a dance. then i pretended in my drunken manner...that i was really pissed off and jealous about it so we left. the next night we went back, the same sex kitten was there rolling her tight sweaty body around all over the stage so of course we went up and tipped her, and she licked my nipple. that was sexy. later on i went with jeff to the back room for a private dance he was buying for me. i had a short skirt on, and jeff put the dollar bill right between my legs. so she was rubbing her tight ass all over me and took my shirt off and started kissing me. then she rubbed ice all over me and i did it to her too. so that money between my legs...yea back to that she got it out with her mouth. jeff reached over and pulled my thong to the side. she dove right in. and that was my first lap joke. so i reached over, jeff was hard as a rock. it was so see girls,...isnt that sexy??? she wasnt scared, it was sexy and fun! no reason to be scared!!!! and that my friends is a very true story. arent all my little bi girls out there wet now??? hehehe wink wink. so hopefully ill find another daring one thats willing to do more, and include jeff this time oh i forgot to tell yall,...the bouncer walked in ha ha. i think he saw it on camera and wanted to see if it was real...dont worry though he left. muah!

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2/5/2006 6:13 pm

very sexy

KunningLingual1 58M

2/6/2006 8:07 pm

Dumber than a sack of hair.

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