My horns keep growing  

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11/3/2005 5:36 am

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My horns keep growing

There's this coffee shop I go to. Two beautiful women work there on different afternoons. One is a classic beauty--on the tall side for a woman; long, straight, dark hair; big brown eyes, and full lips. Sometimes (in the warmer weather) she wears a top that exposes her midrift. The other day while I was getting coffee she caught me staring at her exposed back, which had the perfect curve to it. It revealed a tattoo, which I couldn't quite make out. She immediately pulled her shirt down to cover it. Ooops.

The other woman is, for me, more intriquing. She's covered in tattoos. On her arms, around her neck, on her back. She's short, with short curly hair, and very quiet but quite endearing. Hope she doesn't read this because she'd probably know who I am, but a few times, I watched her as I pumped out my coffee. She bent over to get some milk out of the small fridge and revealed her most luscious breast. This time I wasn't caught, but the image was seared on my brain. Even now, my cock hardens as I write this. I fantasize about her--getting her to show me ALL of her tattoos from top to bottom. Then, I'd kiss them, trace them with my tongue. She doesn't know how I fantasize of her and how a few times now I've lost my load while thinking of her.

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