Me doth ponder while I wander....  

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11/30/2005 3:35 pm

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Me doth ponder while I wander....

So,they say.The brain,largest sex organ I possess.Would that imply spelling can set the tone or is it just another premature ejaculation?Seems I'm always in a rush these days.As such I rarely use spell check,but yet my contemporaries refer to my attempt to compete(had to look that one up)amongst the erect strides of cro-magnum in all his glorious arrogance and naivite,they just kindly and patiently refer me to the dictionary,to prove just what and to whom in a world so lacking in sencerity and honesty.HMMMMMMM?Kind of loney here in cyber cyborg tittlation,hang on,got to look that one up too.OH,titillation.OK,OK,it's all coming back to me now.I think,therefore....therefore what?In return for what?Kinda like reiterate,iterate means to repeat,so how many times I gotta be reminded?And what of tactile sensations which seem to drive my whims and itches,overpowering my mind at times to the point of compulsive addictions,behavioral maladjustments,and just plain ole mental masterbation.Appears to be the only true source of safe sex,besides,if I'm just fucking myself,well,at least I know what my partner likes and what is off limits.Don't even have to go through the awkward stages of discovery one must endure in the beginning of all new relationships.What is it THEY say....wish in one hand and jack off with the other?I tried porno mags but the staples keep bringing me down.So here I am...hopelessly in love with the idea,whoever that is at any given moment.So wander I must until some devine creature of the opposite camp should catch my eye,capture my musings and quell this longing for acceptance in societies definition of exceptional pursuations.There it be,I find myself back(ITERATING)to just me and my keyboard......Say La VD,here today gonhorea,catch it and you keep it time.Time out!!!TA TA,Dennis

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11/30/2005 11:58 pm

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