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My Fantasy

The curtains move slightly as the wind blows through the open window. Watching her lean against the railing, a warmth fills him as he walks silently behind her. A slight sigh of satisfaction escapes her lips as she feels his body press against her. Feeling his chin as it settles upon her shoulder, she smiles. His arms slide around her to embrace and he feels her cheek as she presses closer against him. They talk a little, smiles upon their faces as they look off into the distance. The sun begins to fall upon the ocean with a dazzling array of colors. She feels his lips as they begin kissing her softly on the shoulder, her head tilts back and her eyes close as she enjoys the sensations running through her. In the span of moments his mouth is kissing her neck sliding upward to nibble on her earlobe, she giggles as it tickles her. Her hand caresses his cheek as he turns her around and looks deep into her eyes, Their lips only inches apart.

The smile upon her lips is sensuous and inviting as he leans in closer to kiss her. His lips touch hers and a fire ignites between them, their mouths part and they kiss yet again, tongues softly dancing within their mouths. His hands slide along her backside caressing it tenderly as she reaches around him and explores his back. Her hands slide lower until they rest upon his buttocks, squeezing them playfully. Their lips part as he kisses her cheek, his hot breath falls upon her ear as he whispers sweet nothings, he listens to her quickened breathing in his ear as she whispers "Make love to me" his heart pounds rapidly at the thought. He returns her whispers with three words that warm her to the soul as she kisses him more reverently. Her exploring hands slide around to rub his chest as she steps back to look into his blue eyes. He grasps her hand and leads her back into the room. The light still shines through the window as the sun almost slides from view.

Standing near the bed he kisses her again, slowly and tenderly he explores her lithe body with his hands. Lifting the bottom of her sweater his palms settle upon her flat stomach, the heat of her skin almost burns to the touch as he watches the light shimmering in her eyes. He moves closer his lips parting as the press against her own, for the touch of her lips upon his is like kissing heaven.... His hand reaching upward inside of her sweater have found the swollen mound of her right breast covered beneath the cotton material of her brassiere. His teeth gently bite upon the golden cross that lies upon her neck. He looks into her eyes, getting lost in what lies behind them. He feels her hand as it slips beneath his shirt probing his muscles beneath her touch. She can sense his heart pounding beneath his skin as she suddenly dreams of it beating for her. With a moments hesitation her other hand lifts his shirt upward as he releases her necklace from between his teeth, his shirt slips above his head as

it falls softly to the floor.

He stands before her shirtless as her lips fall upon his neck. Her mouth sucks upon his flesh as she drifts lower and engulfs his nipple between her teeth. A soft moan of delight passes through his lips as she returns to his neck. Her lips collide with his once more in a frenzy of passion. His hands lift her sweater slowly exposing her stomach, then her brassiere as he lifts the sweater free from her head. Her dark skin fills his eyes as he takes in all of her. Her raven black hair falls over her shoulder as her almond eyes continue to gaze into his. He draws her closer to feel her skin against him, sending shivers through him as his body reacts to hers. Reaching out to push aside the black strap on her shoulder, the soft material slips down to catch upon her elbow, exposing most of her small firm breast. He feels compelled to kiss her again, looking into her eyes as his mouth gently pulls upon her flesh. Dropping lower his hand slips the last of the material away leaving her right breast free from its constraint. His lips softly graze along the sensitive skin of her breast, his tongue glides around her darkened nipple as it stands erectly awaiting attention. Sucking upon her flesh he listens to the soft murmurs of pleasure that fall upon his ears.

Reaching behind her he unclasps the rest of her bra, as it suddenly falls to the carpeted floor. He pulls her closer to him hungering to explore her bare back as he kisses her again and again. He picks her up suddenly, as she laughs. Moving with her, he gently place her upon the bed and lies next to her. There is no hurried rush here, no need to get to a certain point anytime quickly. His eyes gaze upon her prone form lying next to him as he kisses her over and over, little kisses on the lips cheeks mouth and neck. She giggles again at the tickling sensation this causes. He manipulates his finger starting at her nose, he traces a line down her body stopping to encircle her nipples in a continuing downward to spiral around her belly button. Her hand slides along his shoulder slipping beneath his arm to caress his side. She gets adventurous and slides it down to his pants rubbing the front of his jeans, her fingers trace the outline of his stiffened manhood as it strains for release at her touch. His hand traces the waist of her jeans as he gently tugs at the button holding them closed. Releasing the button, her pants open slightly as his fingers draw her fly lower exposing her abdomen and a view of her black cotton panties. Rubbing circles around her abdomen his hand gravitates lower and his fingers slip beneath the black material. She closes her eyes suddenly as he rubs the silken hairs of her nether region. Her hands reach down and unbutton the fly of his pants, her small hand sliding in and stroking his erect hardness through the soft cotton of his briefs. Her hand squeezes involuntarily as he slips his finger between the outer lips of her labia. The wetness slickens his finger as he begins massaging her clitoris within her pants. A multitude of sensations run through the both of them as they lie together. Her hips begin to rotate slowly with his touches, lifting his hand from her depths, she sighs with slight disappointment.

Raising his fingers to his mouth his tongue flicks out to taste her sweet nectar upon his lips. Kissing her again she wraps her legs around him as they begin grinding against each other. The heat of the room has increased tremendously as they caress each other in passion. He pulls her atop of him as she gyrates her hips against him. His hands are electrified as they glide along her back. Her sweet lips embraced with his, he feels her breasts against his chest as they lie enmeshed together. Looking into her eyes he rolls her over and she can feel his weight pressing down against her. He kisses her sweet lips again and again, slowly dropping lower to kiss her soft neck. His tongue leaves a glistening trail as it slowly approaches her breasts. Engulfing her nipple with his mouth, her back arches as his hot breath sends shivers through her. His left hand reaches up to squeeze the soft mound of her breast. Her mouth whispers a soft yes as his fingers gently pinch her nipple, his teeth softly nip upon the other sending waves of delight reverberating through her torso.

He feels her hands as she runs them through his hair, slightly pushing him downward. His mouth soon leaves her breast as it travels lower and he kisses her stomach. Grasping the waistband of her pants and he slowly pulls them lower exposing her panties. She can feel his breath as it strikes the top of her panties. The sudden wetness causes her to look down, discovering he has locked his teeth into the waistband of her panties and is drawing them lower. Cupping her buttocks with his hands he lifts upward to remove the panties. Silken hair fills his eyes as her panties slide down her thighs. The scent of her excitement soon fills his nostrils with intoxication. With a slight shifting of her legs she is freed from all her clothing and lies naked before him. Excitement courses through her as she ponder what it will feel like when his mouth falls upon her womanhood. Soon she will know, but at the moment he licks upward from her knee slowly. His scorching tongue sliding along her inner thigh as she enjoys the new sensations.

He blows softly upon her core as he teasingly skips over it to continue kissing her other thigh. Drifting back down to her knee he slides beyond and licks her calf. Turning around again he starts back up. This time she feels his hot breath blowing along the center of her core. Reaching up with his hand he slowly circles the dark hairs with his palm, watching as her hips begin to rotate in synchronicity with them. Trailing lower and he slips a finger between the moistened outer lips of her labia. A slight moan escapes her lips as he gazes at the glistening pinkness encased within. The electrified nub of her clitoris awaits invitingly to be touched as her hips continue to rotate slightly. He listens to her sighs of pleasure as he inserts his index finger within, her inner- muscles tug upon his finger as he slides it within her. His mouth cannot wait any longer at this sight before him. She screams of delight as his lips encircle her clitoris and she cries out with ecstasy. This is what she has wanted for soo long since they first met. The taste of her nectars fills his mouth with sweetness as he hungrily feeds upon her wetness. His tongue slides along the entire fold of her outer lips, stopping repeatedly upon her clitoris. Her breathing has increased as she feels the charge of pleasure riding through her. Reaching under to grasp her buttocks, he kneads them slowly as he lifts her fruits higher. Her legs part further as she places them over his shoulders and her feet fall upon his back. Her hand reaches lower to grasp a handful of his hair in an attempt to push him further into her. The other hand reaches out and grasps the bed cover, clenching down upon it in ecstasy as he continues his oral machinations upon her core.

Cries fill the room as an orgasm washes through her like a tropical storm, exploding from below and sending electric pulses up her spine. Her hand pulls him upward and soon she is kissing him fervently. Her hand caresses the back of his head and she whispers words of love in his ear. Pushing him over to the side she kisses his face all over and moves lower upon him. Skin flavors her mouth with delight as she tries to absorb all of him. Feeling her hands as they pull his pants down, freeing his burning hardness from the confines of his jeans. She gazes upon his shaft as it stands erectly before her. Reaching up to caress it softly and explore it, a tiny drop of wetness materializes at the crown. Her tongue flicks out to taste his seeping fluid. A shudder of delight flashes through him as her hot breath caresses his throbbing member.

Her eyes shift upward to look into his, as her mouth opens and she begins kissing the head of his manhood. The sensations being caused are beyond anything he has ever felt as she takes her time with it. Soon however, she cannot wait, and her burning hot mouth descends upon him voraciously, as his hips thrust up to meet her half way. Her hands reach up to caress his chest as she traces the length of his manhood with her tongue. Reaching down he grasps her hair and gently pulls her upward. Her hot body presses down against him as they are consumed with fire. Her hips begin to rotate against the hard shaft floating between her thighs. His mouth covers hers and their tongues delight in the touch of each other. Hands travel up and down her back as she lay atop him. Breathless whispers in his ear fill him with ecstasy as she gasps "I want you inside of me". Her hand slides down to grasp his throbbing hardness and she rubs the crown along the length of her lower lips. She tilts her hips slightly staring into his eyes, as she guides him to the entrance of her core. Nearly exploding he feels the silken glove of her womanhood enclose about him slowly. Her hips drop lower and lower until he is fully inside of her. Pulling her down again to kiss her, his lips meet hers and he grasps her hands within his own.

With little effort their legs become entwined. They lie together his hard manhood deep inside of her. As much as possible is touching and they are one. Time has stopped and they lie there together not moving, sharing their breath as one person would. Hearts pounding together in time with each other. Within seconds, ever so slowly she begins to grind her hips against him. The sensations flowing through him are more than anything he could describe in words. Its as if they were made to be together the way they fit. His shaft fills her, and she soars upward among the clouds, the universe explodes within her as ecstasy.... Sweat glazes their bodies as they gyrate against each other. Without losing the rhythm they roll over, putting him atop her. His hands reach out to hold hers as they reach above their heads. The ripples of a second orgasm fill her body as her breathless voice cries out. Her hands slip away as she grasps his back trying to hold on, her fingernails dig into his flesh as the sensation of pain goes unnoticed so entwined is he with her. Her inner muscles clench down upon his throbbing meat as he continues slowly pumping his hardness in and out of her wet core. His body shudders as his back arches. She can feel the tension in his swollen testicles as his orgasm explodes within him. She feels the throbbing as his hard shaft empties itself within her. Falling down atop her hungrily kissing her lips over and over.

His now sated penis slowly wilting within the confines of her wetness. Ever so slowly he begins kissing her neck again drifting lower as he explores her body again as if he had never been the first time. Rolling her over and kissing the back of her neck, his tongue softly traces the line of her spine as she shivers with anticipation. Her body still warm from the second orgasm as it lingers within her. Breathlessness fills his ears as his hands reach around to caress her breasts. Her hand reaches back to softly squeeze his now flaccid manhood as it lies against her warm buttocks. With a shiver he feels the blood beginning to flood back in, a soft voice fills his ears as she mentions the desire to make love again. She rolls over and pushes him onto his back against the pillow. Her mouth softly kisses him all over stopping to lick each of his nipples. The salty tang of his sweat fills her mouth as she drifts lower. Hot breath upon his core as she takes his empty manhood within her mouth, gently sucking upon it playfully. She grins as she feels it begin to harden within the confines of her mouth. The swirling tongue creates a hardness that cannot be matched. Along with that hardness comes the hunger... the hunger for her as he draws her upward again. Sliding out from under her he kneels behind her. Reaching between her thighs she draws his reawakened manhood to her hot wetness. With a sigh of pleasure she pushes herself back upon his pole. His hard shaft penetrates her again as he grasps on to her hips. He watches as her back ripples with the motions of her hips. Beginning gently, he thrust within her.

His hips slap against her buttocks with increasing frequency as he increases his pace slightly. Groans of pleasure almost sound animalistic in desire as he rubs his hands along her back. Watching as she lay with her face into the pillow and her hands grasp the sheets as he continues to pump into her. Grasping her hair he pulls her upward until she feels his chest against her back. His hands slide around her to softly squeeze both her breast simultaneously. The multitude of sensations reaches a crescendo as he place his lips upon the back of her neck and sucks softly upon her. The feelings begin with the hardness buried inside of her continuing with his firm hands upon her breasts. Soon however this changes as he withdraws from within her and a soft moan of loss escapes her lips. Turning her around she sits upon him, his hardness returning to the hot confines within her. There they sit gazing into each others eyes immobile, warm smiles upon their faces a reflection of something they have shared. Just sitting here inside of her drives him wild, she looks down playfully clenching her inner muscles upon his shaft as he pulls her body closer to him and kisses her slowly. Clasping her face tenderly as he kisses her, she reaches out to embrace him.

Pushing him over, once again astride him. She begins grinding herself upon him breaking through the threshold of her third orgasm which sends her teetering to the brink of consciousness as they talk softly of dreams and desire. With the darkness long time fallen outside they lie together embraced drifting off toward slumber. Awakening in the early dawn with sunlight streaming through the window. He wonders how this is possible?? Suddenly remembering the entire top floor rotates constantly affording a new view constantly. He looks at her lying next to him, her beautiful face glowing in the light. His heart warms as he places a kiss upon her forehead, suddenly waking she is not satisfied with only the forehead as she reaches up and grasps his head. Her lips seek his through slightly fogged eyesight, her glasses lying prone on the night table. Her mouth opens as her tongue explores his, her mind suddenly thinks perhaps it is time to show him how much she loves him. Her light fingers drift beneath the sheets and lightly caress his manhood, discovering that he is already excited. She pulls him atop her in the morn and guides his shaft to the center of her core, his hardness slides into her slowly as she savors every inch dipping into her. With his stiffened manhood filling her up she wraps her legs around him and kisses him deeper. Her hips begin to gyrate sending waves of pleasure through them both as their breathing increases with the tempo. Soon her body erupts with a fire as she feels his shaking hardness explode within her. He settles down atop her and begins whispering softly in her ear.

With her heart pounding she remits her love for him and watches silently as he wanders toward the bathroom. After hearing a toilet flush the water begins falling within the shower as she suddenly decides he's only going to be here for a few days so she might as well get as much of him as she can.

Stepping lightly she opens the shower curtain to see the pleasant look of surprise on his face.

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