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2/26/2006 6:37 pm

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Odd or Even

I asked my ex wife if I could shave her pussy... She didn't think I was serious.

One evening at a friends house having a few drinks they, a couple, pulled out those nasty dice with the spot and action on them... i.e. Lick/ Suck/ Blow .... Above Waiste/ Ear/ Lips/ Below Waiste. With our close on this became difficult. So mid Game we changed to cut low and lose... A very fast strip game with cards. Ace is high, everyone cuts into the deck... low card loses an item of clothes.

So now that all of us were naked... Oh by the way I really did not do well at the cut and lose game. I sat out I think 6 cuts cause my shit was off quick....

Anyway the dice game continued, each couple rolling the dice for the respected couple. Boring... I decided to add one more regular 6 sided die to the mix... When all three were rolled who ever rolled had lets say... "SUCK" and "ABOVE THE WAISTE" the third die added a new twist... "ODD" or "EVEN" Odd meant opposite couple and Even meant same couple. I scored a "LICK"/ "BELOW THE WAISTE" with the third die "ODD" So I went down on my buddies wife.

"TIME" my wife said almost immediately after the first lick... I was ready to bust a munch and she said "STOP"!? Had to add another die... A 4 sided. 1 to 4 minutes. A half hour later the dice were not important anymore and we all showered. I shaved my ex-wife in the shower and we proceeded to break out a pillowcase full of toys that our friends had and went at it most of the night.

All i have to say about that is. I'm ready for more dice games with some new friends... I'll buy the dice... If more than 2 couples are involved... Each couple will get a set of numbers on a die. and if say there are 5 couples... there will be a hot number on the 6 sided die that means perform on each of the 5 couples...

Sound fun??? who's in?

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