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6/22/2006 10:12 pm
moving on

Well. Here we go. I thought I was going to get to move home, which is to back to another state in the midwest, but it appears it was just wishful thinking. I have re-written my profile a bit, since I am almost at the 8000 mark and thought it was time. I have not heard anymore from "Mr. Nasty" who is on here, so ladies be careful and hold onto your hearts and feelings.

I would so like to start a relationship with someone to help me not dread continuing living somewhere I have never wanted to be. I love my children and that's why I am here and probably why I will stay. But it would be nice to have someone for me. JUST ME. So, I added a few things, but forgot to put the fact that I like hairy men. Not necessarily gorilla type men, but fuzzy, snuggle up to hairy. Anywho, I am trying to move forward, with as much of a positive attitude as I can. Unfortunately I am easily swayed by things around me and tend to not stay very positive. I am the what if, and but.... person. I want someone to be here to hold their finger to my lips and say is going to be okay....and actually mean it. (The combination of a realist and a romantic is a very strange one indeed but that is me. The romantic in me makes me keep believing and gullible and the realist says yeah and you know what is going to happen next.)

I will continue my journey for now and hopefully somenone will join me in the adventure.

Happy Friday to everyone!

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