rm_witchywoman7 49F
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5/12/2005 7:46 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm


A life can never be happy that is focused inward.....

We all search for happiness within ourselves and sometimes forget that happiness is a byproduct of making others happy.

rm_stubby4fun 46M
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5/12/2005 9:16 am

I love your wise and witty thoughts. It's very true, I always feel a little better about myself after making someone else feel happy.

TangoFarceKetal 65M

5/12/2005 10:42 am


kissablemeinmn 48F

5/12/2005 1:23 pm

But if we aren't happy ourselves we can't make others happy. Finding the right balance - they key to life

ApacePanicFuzed 54M
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5/14/2005 12:03 am

The grain of sand is the mountian,and the trail ahead is too often driven up hill,when there are two sides to the mountian.We must remember that a grain of sand is only a distraction from the trail.

rm_witchywoman7 49F
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5/15/2005 10:48 pm

Going outside the box.....Sometimes making yourself happy will thereby produce "the byproduct of making others happy". Don't you agree?

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