Tied Up  

rm_wishedupon 38M/35F
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8/9/2006 11:17 pm
Tied Up

I have this fantasy, I've just tied my man to our bed. I've blindfolded him and turn on some music, standing back and admiring the picture he makes while I wait for "her". My body already humming with anticipation. He doesn't have a clue what is in store for him, smiling at the thought I lean over and kiss his lips. Leaving the room I go see whats keeping "her", my partner in crime. As I walk through the house I can't help but imagine what we are going to do to him, which makes me giggle. When I see her waiting for me my breath catches, gorgeous. This beautiful woman is going let us have her. Biting my lip I walk over and put my arms around her.

Moving her hair I whisper in her ear, "Nervous?"

Leaning back on me she whispers back, "Yes, but excited too."

to be continued...

rm_Masato13 62M
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8/30/2006 8:51 am

I love your beginning...please do continue.

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