What does it mean when a guy takes an extremely long time to ejaculate?  

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1/5/2006 10:08 pm

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What does it mean when a guy takes an extremely long time to ejaculate?

This is a question from another site. Written by 'Breezin'

I was trying to figure out what it means when a guy you are having sex with takes a long time to come and says he might not be able to come? Is it because he was on meth, is it because he really wasn't truly attracted,or is it a personal problem,or is it a problem,any one understand this topic at all? if so i'd like to know your opinion.
All you gals, I know you can get frustrated, be you are trying to please your guy. Stress plays a big role, how his work day was or other factors, like perfomance anxiety.

There is one other issue that hasn't been addressed. I have the problem from time to time, anxiety over cumming to soon and I do enjoy multiple orgasms and I enjoy giving them as well. The factor I was talking about is getting the blood flow to the head for full erection. No problem for the shaft, no problem for erection, I can go all night. When my partner and I don't quite fit right. Underneath the head there is a very sensitive spot, a little flap of skin. If that isn't getting any action then it is very hard to cum. I compensate by teasing my partner, by pulling out, not all the way and slowly going back in. It drives my partner nuts and excites her at the same time it also puts her over the edge, especially when I keep going in all the way till I hit the top and what it seems like is a pocket, pefect size for the head. Any experiences like this? or comments?

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