What a pain in my ass!  

rm_wildwestrose 56F
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7/11/2006 11:33 pm
What a pain in my ass!

Sunday, when I tumbled outta bed, I stumbled into the kitchen for a glass of water. I was barefooted, and as I stumbled, I noticed that my usually smooth hardwood floors had an unusual texture.

Yep. Cat crunchies everywhere. The evil little kitten had apparently been playing hockey with its food. Not the most comfortable sensation under my little feeties. So I swept the floor. Then I noticed that I still had cereal boxes on the counter. So I went to put them in the butler's pantry.

But there was no room for them. So I moved some things to make room, and that was when I realized that it was time to clean my kitchen.

After I ate, and played online for a bit, I went into the kitchen, intending to give it just one hour of cleaning. Three hours later, I finally got off of my knees, and surveyed the result.

Y'all, my butler's pantry is beautiful! The hardwood floor gleams, the walls are immaculate, in short, it is marvelous in its sparkling cleaness.

Do NOT, however, inquire about the state of the REST of the kitchen! All that shit had to go SOMEWHERE! So I have stuff in the middle of my kitchen floor.

I intended to wait until it cooled down a bit that evening, and finish the cleaning marathon. Just one small problem. I threw out my hip and lower back scrubbing the floor on my hands and knees.

I figured it would be better the next day. Nope! It was worse! And today, it is still very painful, and I am hobbling like an old woman. Naw, make that hobbling like Lee on a bad day.

But today, the lawn HAD to be mowed, so I got up fairly early and knocked out most of that, and then I went uptown to visit with someone. I was doing fine until I tried to get up off my barstool!

The good part of the day was that my friend had heated seats in his gorgeous new car, and he let me sit my bottom down and then he warmed it up. No, he didn't give me a spanking! Jiminy Crickets! You guys always think the worst!

But the heated seats helped, and I was able to hobble around a bit better this afternoon.

Too bad I can't call in sick to housework. *Sigh*

TracyStylePique 61M
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7/31/2006 6:50 am

Sorry to hear you have injured yourself. I know how troublesome a bad back can be. Wish I could be there to massage out the kinks. I hope having your hip go out isn't due to you being on your hands and knees. Wouldn't want to debilitate you during other activities.

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