Is there anything quite as nice as a spanking?  

rm_wildwestrose 56F
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6/20/2006 5:55 am

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6/26/2006 11:13 am

Is there anything quite as nice as a spanking?

I had the loveliest time not long ago. I was over at a friend's house, and he thought that I had been very naughty. So as I was preparing to walk out the door to come home, he gave me a hard swat on my bottom.

It was unexpected, and I jumped in surprise. But I knew that I deserved it, and more, so I bent over a chair to take my punishment. With another swat, I moaned out loud.

After a few more bottom-warmers, he got a little more serious. And after each swat, he rubbed my jean-clad bottom. Sometimes he would use his nails to scratch up my thighs, or down my back, as I squirmed in ecstacy.

At one point, he gathered my hair in his hand, and forced me to stand up while he continued my disciplining. With my neck exposed, he sank his teeth into my throat, biting, sucking, kissing as I moaned harder and moved my ass more desperately.

I wanted him, wanted to feel his hard cock in my tight little pussy, so I reached around behind me to play with his cock though his pants. Soon, his cock was out of the confines of his jeans, and I had unzipped my jeans. Never one to miss an opportunity, he slid my pants down my ass, and dropped them to the floor.

Still bent over the chair, and with my black lace panties riding up my ass, he moved the panties aside, and started rubbing his rock-hard cock against my ass and pussy.

I moaned and begged for his cock to enter me, and he tried so hard to impale me. But my pussy is so tight, and I was so excited, that he couldn't get in!

So we moved to the bedroom, where he kneeled on the bed, and I showed my oral appreciation for his discipline. It isn't every man that understands that a naughty girl must be kept in line by a firm hand.

After a bit, he decided to try again to enter me. I spread my legs, and tried to relax so he could get inside. After a few minutes, he was finally in me, and there is nothing like the feeling of a hard cock going in while my sore ass rubs against the bed.

Lifting my legs onto his shoulders, he pounded my pussy until I screamed in orgasmic delight. As I climaxed, my pussy clamped down on his cock, and he had no other option but to join me in an orgasm.

As we lay there, catching our breath, he wery nicely asked if I could please let his cock go, as my pussy had grabbed him so hard that he couldn't get free. I started laughing, and finally he was able to slip out.

Now I am wondering what I can do to earn myself another spanking. *Wicked grin* Any suggestions?

tucsondmk 59M
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6/22/2006 5:19 am

Well, if you walk away from me while I am talking to you, I will grab you bend you over my knee pull your pants down and give you a spanking while finger fucking you, but before I pull your pants down I will pull my down so you can feel me get hard as I spank you and finger fuck you at same time.


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