the one night stand from hell  

rm_wildshells 34F
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7/8/2006 9:49 am

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6/10/2007 10:45 am

the one night stand from hell

A guy i met awhile ago phoned me the other night to meet in our off i go to meet he.he told me he wanted to start a relationship.funny how easy some guys lie.well we had sex in my car and after he was finished he intered me again and just as i was about to cum he stops and tell me it's a mistake and he's just using me.well to say i felt bad is an do i now forget that??i find forgetting hard but hey life is a lesson we all have to learn........

shaper007 51M

7/9/2006 4:24 am

Life is all about lesson, the day we stop learning is the day we die!!

You have just had a hard lesson and he is nothing more than an asshole. There is no reasons to have feelings for him, so forget him and move on!!

Life is to be enjoyed and there are people who will be happy to enjoy it with you and not use you.

Can guarantee he will call again the next time he's feeling horny.... so tell him to go play with himself

Live and enjoy babes

rm_wildshells 34F
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7/9/2006 4:59 am

thanks shaper007.
it's true what you say.and u've made it feel better

IntimateDance 34M

7/10/2006 12:05 pm

Hi Wildshells,

Whenever we have sex, get naked or just snuggle up with someone (long before you both get in bed and well before the clothes come off), you are emotionally vulnerable. Sex is an intimate moment, and the expression of it, both physically and emotionally, leaves both the man and woman wide open to injury. The walls are down, the defenses are down (the critical kind -- those of your heart). Whether you are conscious of it or not, whether you know the man or not, whether you want to be emotionally bonded to him or not, your heart and your emotions get involved, to one degree or another, or you could never drop your pants and spread your legs or suck his cock.

Sex, love, affection -- things we all hunger and crave, are never returned back to us in the way and amount we would like, especially if you don't know who's in bed with you (or your car).

I would suggest sharing a cup of coffee somewhere first, and talking a little bit to try to gauge who your partner is. Is he impatient, not willing to go for a walk first, or stand by a river or seaside and listen to the gulls with you, where you can both watch the glittering sea and feel the breeze, enjoying that anticipation of what is to come when the sun goes down? Is the touch of his hand gentle? Does he look you in the eyes or avoid your gaze?

Desire can really make me want a girl right away at times, but I do like to correspond first; to exchange emails and gauge the intelligence of my partner, see where she's coming from; a lot can come out in conversation, and it doesn't have to be about sex. In fact the experience of sex with someone can be heightened by having experienced other aspects of him/her -- how they cook, dress, walk, eat, talk. Degrees of maturity will vary from one to another. Does he open the door for you?

I'm sorry you had a poor experience and you are certainly correct; you will feel bad about the experience. The high point for a woman, her climax, her point of release, is for many if not all women, the singular most important moment a woman can experience during sex, to feel fulfilled and satisfied; to be able to cum and let it all out, then to roll back on the bed and stare up at the ceiling side by side relishing the moment. Even better to fall asleep and wake up in the morning side by side, which I think completes the act of making love. To have that climax aborted, if I were a woman, would make me angry. You know, 'you've got me this far, don't you dare stop now.'

Know that there are other men out there, young and old, who are more in tune with the emotional needs of a woman, to feel safe enough to let down her guard, to feel at ease enough to open up and give herself as much as to feel free enought to take what is offered. There has to be mutual giving so that both receive, and better if the man and woman know each other.

Anyway, hope all is well with you.

rattle7 58M
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7/10/2006 12:13 pm

I sure hate for this to happen the way it did, But life does go on & your that much more aware of relationships. The next incounter will be alot better. Seeee you later sweety.

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