going for it  

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4/14/2006 7:53 am

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4/18/2006 8:04 am

going for it

I woke up today and things are very much different in my life. Two days ago I was a young father , martial arts instructor, husband, type person. I worked hard and played harder. I had time to do so many things. But yesturday it seems that I lived a life of work and work. I strugled to keep the world turning and rarely got what i wanted or needed out of life. I know that this is not any ones fault but my own. Today things are going to be different from before. Today I'm going to build what I want to build. I'm going to do the things that bring me happiness instead of always trying to please those around me. I'm going for it, the hopes and dreams that bfore always seemed to get pushed back. Dreams are funny, we put them off and tell ourselves that we'll get to them later. When there is more time, more money, more whatever. But I'm going for it today, today I'm going to live me dreams. I'm going to build that fortune, fly that airplane, take the trip, and fuck the super hot chick that I've always wanted to but always seem to pass up to better suit someone elses idea of what should be done. My life changed last night and that means that new adventures are on the horizon. I'm going for it. Win lose or draw we all get to the end of this so we may as well do what we dream.

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4/14/2006 5:35 pm

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