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11/26/2005 4:17 pm

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~smile~ [wild3cat]

A long long time ago in a land far away, lived a young boy who was very happy. His happiness showed in the smile on his face.
This feeling did not come from the t-shirt of grace, but from deep down within this small boys face.
Now the people had commented about the smile on his face. Thinking loudy, how happy was he and with this smiling face. They teased him. and were sometimes very mean to disgrace.
Through troubles and tortures, and all that took place, that smile did not leave that small boys face. Stand tall and be proud least you fall from the grace. And hence he would lose that smile on his face.
This boy did think a curse of that smile on his face. Least he couldn't wait till that smile left his face. For he did wish the others could feel there was no smile on his face. So begged and pleaded the gods please do take this god forsaken smile please far from my face.
The gods tearfully obliged and removed that smile from his face. And truely he had fallen far from their grace. Misfortunes and troubles could not be displaced thru intricate smiles that came from his face.
The years went by since his fall from grace, and sure that dear boy missed the smile on his face. For once, he was happy until that great fall from grace.
Now the people commented, there he is, no smile on that face. Thinking oh how sad this man with an unsmiling face. They tease him and are mean to add to his disgrace. More troubles and tortures that bring a much worse fate. To the man that does not have a smile on his face.
He did beg that the gods put that smile back onto his face But they laughed and they cheered at him and his unsmiling face. So he left with the tears in his face to another type of place with his unsmiling face.
The more years did pass since his fall from grace And there he remained with an unsmiling face. Until then when she came all full with her grace. She brought sunshine and laughter, along with a smile for his face.

Isn't it funny how we a can hold things inside. The hurt and the pain of lifes experiences. How we can always manage to put up a front. We call it the plastic ~smile~. Never really revealing what it is covering, the pains we feel inside. though we feel the pain inside, isn't that smile more of a deeper feeling. A feeling that we know there is still more good out there. A feeling we know that we will have again one day. A feeling that we do not to bring others down with our pains, or remove the smiles from their faces.

rm_saintlianna 45F
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11/26/2005 4:59 pm

That is amazing, that should be published, I am serious.

dasher121 36M

12/14/2005 5:20 am

that was truely great dude. very nice.

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