My Unusual trip to South Carolina.  

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4/23/2005 8:00 pm

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My Unusual trip to South Carolina.

I went on a trip with a few friends about 15 years ago to South Carolina. We golfed, went to the beach, and partied. One of my friends had my name on the marquee at the Holiday Inn. It read welcome with my name on it. I stopped in the bar for a drink at approximately 2:00 PM. I sat down next to this attractive blonde girl, and started to converse with her. Immediately I noticed that she was pretty well hammered. She told me that her and her boyfriend had gotten into a fight, and that she got a room here for a few days. I told her I was on vacation for a few days. She was really drunk, she started rubbing my crotch, asking me how big I was. I was excited and real hard. She asked me to come up to her room with her. When she stood up she fell right over and just about passed out. I took the key from her hand and literally had to Cary her to the elevator. I propped her against the wall and she started saying how horny she is and proceeded to take off her panties right in the elevator. The door then opened and I helped her to her room. She wanted me bad and I started to get second thoughts. In no time we started at each other taking the rest of her clothes off. I went down on her and she was moaning with delight, I was really getting turned on she had a beautiful pussy. I turned toward her and she pulled out some nylon rope from her nightstand, and asked me if she could tie me up. Nervously I said ok. I lied flat on my back and she tied both hands to the bed posts. She proceeded to squat over me and took my cock for a ride. It was great. a few minutes later I heard the door open up and to my surprise it was her boyfriend. He walked over to the chair and took off his clothes. He was rock hard when he walked over to me. He started to squeeze my nipples a little bit and he bent over and gave me the best blow job of my life. My mind was racing, and realizing that she had set me up, I didn't know what to expect next. She started putting KY around my hole and she started to raise my legs in the air. He got up and and stood in front of me and started to inch toward me. He put on a condom and started to rotate his big thick member around my hole. Suddenly he slid it in slowly. I let out a big scream from the pain. He was about 9" and real thick. It hurt first. I started to enjoy it because I knew that I sacs going to do it to him next. The girl had a dildo and started to do herself. He then stopped walked over to me and untied my hands. He threw a condom to me and I put it on. He got on the bed on all fours. I inched behind him and for the first time in my life, I fucked a guy in front of his girlfriend. She took the dildo out from her and stuck up my ass. I enjoyed it, but would never would admit it. They both were telling me not to cum. I stopped and pulled off my condom, She was lying right under me and I started to jerk off over her face, he then got up and joined me and we came together over her face. the best facial she ever had.

I think about that trip alot, and I cum alot remembering that afternoon. Today Im very versatile I love to fuck and get fucked.

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