Is it time for some sex ?  

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11/25/2005 12:59 pm

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Is it time for some sex ?

I've enjoyed the blog thing so far and the AdultFriendFinder thing too. (is everything a thing ?), which brings me to "Stuff". Do you know the difference between "Stuff" and "Junk". Stuff is junk you want to keep and junk is stuff you want to get rid of. Usually my junk is stuff and your stuff is junk. The instant I give away some of my valuable stuff to somebody else it becomes junk. Got it... If anybody knows the source of that commentary I welcome your comment.

Anyway, weren't we talking about sex?

My thoughts of really erotic curiosity go right to the perfect blow job (is that offensive?)... (I didn't think so). I'd be interested in comments an opinions on what others really enjoy or thing is the perfect one. I'm looking for experiences or fantasies from guys receiving one. I'd also be interested in hearing from the ladies on how they give their guy the best as well as what they enjoy out of it...

I'll give you a little of my mix of experiences and fantasy. The perfect oral event starts with a lady and I standing with some seductive small talk and arousals, the lady stroking me between the legs while we are both clothed. The lady unzips my pants, loosens the belt and so on, before going to her knees. I must tell you that I love it when she tantalizingly puts on her lipstick before going down there. Can you tell I am a very visual guy that really likes foreplay and seduction? I like the look in her eyes as she takes me into her mouth with a little more tease, then begins to be more aggressive like she wants nothing more in the world. I actually by this time I am wanting nothing more in the world.. (Well, maybe a few other things, like returning the favor, bending her over.. yadda, yadda, I like the fast in and out motion along with some intertwined slow periods and using her tongue on my tip and particularly sensitive areas, then more heavy motion... and maybe some hand stimulation... I am very hard to bring to full climax through oral, which means I can last a long time. However, it is accomplishable with someone that really enjoys giving as well....

Give me some tantilizing feed-back....

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