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7/1/2006 11:24 pm

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Blogging for awareness about Sexual Violence is a good idea. There are many types of violence, some not so obvious as others. If we compare women in Muslim countries to women in the West, you'd say it's obvious that the Muslim women are subjected to violence constantly - war, genocide, systematic ; punishment for learning to read or wearing anything other than a burka; being sold into marriage or sexual servitude as young children; and the horrible practice of female genital mutilation. Men in those countries won't even shake hands with women sent to represent our government. Women can't leave their homes unescorted because of the possibility they'll be abducted, and killed. A woman's own family may murder her if they feel she has dishonored them in some way. A woman's in-laws may murder her if her dowry isn't large enough. No human should live in these conditions for any reason.

Women in America suffer violence as well, though it is rarely as overt as it is in the Middle East. If your husband beats you to death while the police sit outside in their car and do nothing, are you luckier than a woman forced to wear a burka? If you are gang and video taped by your classmates and the courts don't punish your attackers, are you luckier than a girl not allowed to go to school? Does it matter if you are in Africa rather than San Diego? If you can't feed your children, is geography a mitigating factor? I think not.

Women in America may have a camera stuck up their skirts and the video posted on the web, And there is nothing wrong about that, shit that is AdultFriendFinder for you . But just becuase a girl likes to do some fun camming, has nothing to do with her wanting some one to force them selves on her unwanted.. 2 out of 3 American women will be sexually molested at some point in their lives.(That's what the stats say - I think the number is more like 4 out of 5, because I rarely meet a woman that doesn't have a story of sexual abuse to tell.)The most telling statistic on the state of women in America is that the number one cause of death in pregnant women in this country is murder. It may not be as dangerous to live in America as it is in Iraq, but being female can still get you killed here.

Now not trying to do anything but educate... AdultFriendFinder is good place for people to hook up. But with that I urge you to still be careful.. I am a strong male, I fight almost all the time, not to prove any thing. BUT becuase I am a fighter.. I train and I fight.. Now with that I could very easily overpower a woman.. And women you need to knew that there are people out there that will use their greater strength to attack you.. SO THE MORAL OF THIS BLOG is Women take self defence classes.. (used to teach one, can't due time before i deploy) You don't need to know how to beat some one's ass all over the place. BUT YOU SHOULD know how get away from an attacker and make it so he can't just get up and come after you.


1. HAVE Pepper spray at all times, A quick squirt in the eyes may save your life.
2. TAKE a self-defence class of some sort.
3. Be aware of your surroundings, this is big thing for us military people its called "situational awareness" its key in many missions.
A. Examples if your going to your car
and you see an odd van parked next to
your car.. Make sure to go around to
be able to see if some one is in the
B. If some on pushes your into your
vehicle and says drive. JAM the wrong
key into the ignition of your car,
and break it off in the ignition now
the attacker can't just ride of he
has to move you kicking and screaming
or just give up, and run for it..
C. If you are alone call some one on
your cell. Keep talking to them while
you walk telling them every street
corner you pass. That way if the
event something happens they can call
911. And say where you were at. But
even better then that is having some
one walking with you.(Understand that
chances are you have to walk by your
self a lot in life.)

4. Never let your gaurd down no matter what.
5. If drinking make sure you have a TRUST WORTHY person that is sober to step in just in case (I SAY TRUST WORTHY BECAUSE 78% are people you know.)
6. Be a battle buddy, don't leave your friends behind, even if you want to go to another club. Leaving them or them leaving you could cost you a lot more then just a good time.
7. Last but not least always keep 100% accountability of your drinks. If it leaves your sight for even a second, that is twice the time that some guy can slip something in it.

Ok That is pervention 101 from yours truly.
"thatz all the kid has to say about that"

4everything40 31F

7/2/2006 9:34 pm

Great blog i learned a bit from it. we need more decent men out there like you.

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