Once I was an orphan.  

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9/22/2005 9:12 am

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Once I was an orphan.

I have been tooling around this site off and on for the last year or so. I took some time off but I have an interest in the thrill from the possibility of finding that one "special" person. This site has offered more of the talk and less of the walk but nevertheless I am an eternal optimist so I continue with my venture.

Before ever considering this site or knowing about it I was once involved with someone whom was married. Our meetings were filled with eager passion and the excitement of our actions also involved countless moans and groans as well as the very best sex I have ever had. She was about ten years older than I and this ( at least for me ) captured the spirt of adventure. I was younger than her, naive to the world in a sense. I felt like an orphan whom was adopted by this person. I learned to hold, laugh and feel with her. Like a delicous chocolate or aged wine, she was exquisite.

We made love countless times and each was more fulfilling the previous encounter. As our relationship grew it came time for us to depart. It was mutual although we did meet a few times after me stopped being together sexually. At first we had some differences about how or where our relationship ended but in our hearts we still laughed and reminenced about the times we shared, the moments of laughter, lust and passion.

What started as a simple dare, a kiss led to something that most will never sample. I had the menu, shared with vision and soul. Something came about from this relationship, my acknowledgment of who I am. How I can tap that those senses that originate creativity and scholar. As the time drew upon us to move forward with our relationship, it endowed me with maturity to know it was time. We left one day with a simple goodbye and now time has passed. I remember the tenderness, the slight touch of her skin, the fluent feeling of euphoria that once covered me with bliss.

Today I am again on a journey, it is my hope that I can find someone not to replace but continue with my adventure.

Thankyou, whitmanfrank....

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