How I can upon this site.  

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10/20/2005 10:01 am

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How I can upon this site.

Maybe you have some ideas about what is thrilling and adventurous, maybe you share in some desires. My desire is to find companionship with someone that shares in these sames views. My creativity supercedes me and alas I have taken the steps necessary to experience my desires. What started out as curiousity has expanded into what lies ahead. One day I found myself asking what if? We sometimes go through life and never know, I am here today to answer those questions that I ask.

Before coming upon this site and deciding upon this venture I was present and accounted for in the typical life. Then life happened. Things changed and without warning things were different. We sometimes take for granted our lives, our dreams. I had a series of changes that took place that made me think. Although some people may disagree with the decisions we make, I believe it is important to be true to one self.

I am not looking to change the world here. I am looking to rekindle some fire that burns within my soul. Have you ever had a desire, a craving, a taste that you wanted to have so badly. I want to have sex without the commitment of a long term relationship. I want to draw heat from our bodies as we gracefully kiss and embrace. I want to explore the deepest desires of light and darkness without the permission of wrong or right. I am only seeking to find someone that is willing to ask those questions and not only wonder but amaze.

Sex between discreet, consenting adults can be exciting. The cadence of a meeting, the build up of excitment to a first encounter, the wondering if a chance meeting will lead to further actions. The wonderment of tastes that abound, the echoes of laughter, moaning and passion being said aloud and in whispers. I have those desires, those moods, those thoughts.

It is easy to walk through life and never ask, never wonder, never change or chance. Today I am simply taking a look back and asking where that other road ventures. Sometimes you have to go against the norm, against the grain if you will. I am here because I want to know, I am interested in taking the chance. Most others may talk a good game but I am looking to become more than just a spectator. Life is afterall not a spectator sport.

Thank you for reading my thoughts, I invite any responses you may have.

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