part 2  

rm_wheres_aldo 44M
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8/6/2006 6:25 am
part 2

A pleasure ma'am.....
Our embrace moves in waves: heated passion, slow gentle caresses, my hands exploring your soft curves, pulling at your hair as I kiss you hard. I move my big hand to the small of your back, just above your ass, and pull you around to me in a gentle, yet firm motion. I revel in the way you breathe deeply when i get you in front of me, and pull you up so you can straddle my waist. I can feel you, grinding your hips ever so slightly, imperceptible enough that I know it's a reflex rather than you wanting me to feel you. You feel so right in my hands as I pull you closer to me, my hands now roaming freely over your hips, feeling your curves, the dips and swells of your feminine body, feeling you suck a sharp breath in each time i slide my hands up your sides, until I slowly begin to work the soft material of your bathing suit from your shoulder, rolling it down slowly, deliberately, taking my time to reveal your lovely form. I love the way your skin feels as I expose the side of your breast to the cool night air, and finally pulling the top of your bathing suit free, cupping the sof skin of your breast in my large hand, loving the way you close your eyes and moan as I do.

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