still wondering  

rm_wheeler_32 45M
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3/14/2006 7:33 am

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4/26/2006 12:12 pm

still wondering

I'm sitting here at my desk still wondering how its all done. The meetings in midday or the late night hook ups in secret. I still wonder why no one has had any interest, is the fact that im slightly out of shape or even unattractive who knows, maybe im just caught in the abiss of the internet where everything that seems real is nothing more than my imagination. Im still not convinced that real people hang out on here, Ive yet to meet anyone.

kyplowboy22 61M

3/14/2006 6:27 pm

Welcome and thanks for joining the bluegrass bloggers group. Several things to consider about this site and the way it works, guy.

1 There is a disproportionate number of men to women on here. Maybe as many as 30-40 to one or maybe even higher than that. You have to be one of the guys that catches the attention of the ladies. You have to stand out somehow. The blogs are great place to do this. Not only can you write about yourself and open up to them, but you have the opportunity to read their blogs and kinda get an idea who you are talking to. I would suggest visiting as many blogs as you can and comment on each one. The more often they see your pic and read your words, the sooner you stick out in their minds. Simple as that.

2 Treat the women as the ladies they are. I would avoid sending or even posting 'dick pics'. Most of them don't like them. Don't leave comments to them about what a great lover you are, they ain't buying that shit. lol A lot of guys get the notion that this is a cyber mail-order catelog, and it simply is not. Those are the guys that never get any hits from the ladies at all. This place is more akin to a cyber barroom or a party than anything else. I don't think you would approach a woman in a bar with, "hey baby, I'm Bill, wanna go screw?" lol It don't work here either.

3 Patience. It takes time to meet people on here like anywhere else. This just broadens your opportunities. You may have to talk to 100 girls on here just like outside of here, before you get the one that wants to meet you. And the first one you talk to may like you. Go figure. That part has not changed. lol

4 So, there you have it. Visit the guys blogs too, can't have too many friends on here. Later


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