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by CandiKane ©

The night air was hot and sticky.

Even though she had just finished a long bath, Jessica felt as though she had been standing in the sun for hours. Only the sun had set 2 hours ago.

It was now 8p.m. and she had to drive across town to meet her friends at this new club.

Wrapped in a towel, she started down the stairs of the house she shared with her 3 roommates.

Carol, a beautiful redhead, aspiring actress.

Linda and snotty rich girl from California.

And Julie, a blonde bombshell, known for her sexual cravings on and off campus.

Jessica was a shy average country girl, who seemed to excel in physics. Only the law of nature just wasn’t in her hands right now.

As she came down the wide staircase, heading to the laundry room to get her clothes, nearing the bottom, she could hear moaning, the door to Julie's room was slightly ajar, and she could see in dim lit halls, the candles burning throughout. She moved more slowly, around the banister, and could see Julie on her knees, between the legs of Michael. He was a quarterback with the college team, and a regular visitor to Julie.

Jessica stood for a moment, watching while Julie’s mouth moved over Michael, her lips, wrapped around his hard cock, quickly slipping over his shaft, making him squirm.

She sat down on the stairs, watching, feeling her body grow hotter. The moisture forming between her legs.

It had been so long since she had been with a guy, so long since she had been touched, and she longed for it now.

Slowly she traced her own fingers between her legs, and under that towel, feeling the moisture.

She gently began to stroke her clit, god it felt so good. Then, she placed a finger inside herself, pushing and probing wanting so much more. She brought that finger to her mouth, and licked it clean, tasting her sweetness. And craving for orgasm.

Again, she brought the finger to her pussy, rubbing her clit more quickly, and letting out a soft moan of pleasure.

When she returned her gaze to the couple in the bedroom, she saw that Julie now had Michael between her thighs. He parted her lips with his fingers, as his tongue traced her lips, slowly he sucked her clit, and pulled away teasing her. He then inserted 2 fingers inside of her, and fingered her until she squirmed. His mouth returned to her clit, and he devoured her again. This time till she was screaming with orgasm.

Once she came, he placed himself on his knees, and rolled her over, propping her hips up from behind, he slid his long hard cock inside, slowly at first, and then in one quick motion, he began to slam his cock deep into her.

Jessica realized she was mesmerized by watching the two, but in fear of being caught, she stood and made her way to the laundry room.

The room was dark and moist by the clothes tumbling in the dryer.

Jessica was already hot, and her clothes weren't done just yet.

She sat upon the table they had in the laundry room, back against the wall, the warm air surrounding her. She brought her fingers to that once again familiar place, and began to rub her clit. Parted her pussy lips with one hand, and began fingering herself with the other, slowly she circled her finger around and around, finally plunging one into her hot pink pussy. She closed her eyes, and pictured Michaels face buried between her legs, sucking and nibbling on her flesh, it was at that moment that she felt the hot breath on her thigh.

She didn't make a noise, but slowly opened her eyes to see only a shadow.

Then they spoke.

"Did you like watching me Julie, did it make you hot" it was Julie.

Jessica stuttered for the words, but Julie silenced her with a hard kiss on the mouth. "I want you Jessica, I have for a long time" her fingers traced down Jessica and quickly she began fucking her with them.

Jessica moaned with pleasure, and nervousness. Julie took her fingers out of Jessica, and brought them to Jessica's mouth, slowly she licked her juices off of Julies fingers, and moaned "I want more"

Julie was happy to oblige, she buried her face into Jessica's pussy, and sucked her clit hard, fingering her, and Jessica's moans became louder and louder.

This of course attracted Michael’s attention, and as he stood in the door way, his cock began to get rock hard.

Finally Jessica pulled Julie up on the table with her, and took one of Julie's nipples into her mouth, lightly teasing it with her teeth. Julie then brought Jessica's face to her pussy.

Jessica began to eat her like an expert, tracing her tongue over the outer lips of her pussy, flicking her tongue in and out, pressing on her clit and sucking on it with vigor.

Jessica moaned, and grunted, for at this moment, Michael was sliding his hard cock into her swollen pussy. He grasped on to her hips, and thrust himself deep inside of Jessica, He pumped in and out of her, hard.

The three of them grunted like wild animals, and in one quick moment, they came, simultaneously.

Julie grinned, and invited Jessica back to her room after she showered again. Jessica agreed, and went upstairs to clean up.

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is she on the east or west cost?

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Cool story... that would have been quite a sight to behold

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This is a great story I would love to meet you and let you write about me I am sure I could give you a show as well aS Satisfy you with a little kink put in there

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