A sex survey borrowed from a friend...  

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1/14/2006 9:01 am

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A sex survey borrowed from a friend...

1. Favorite position: Hmmm, I like a lot of them, my favorite would have to be any that allows the guy I'm with to suck on my nipples and enjoy my breasts.

2. Most orgasms in a single night: Oh gosh, let me think, it would have to have been in February, it was about 7 or 8...maybe more, you'd have to ask him, I know I squirted about that many times.

3. Most sexual partners in a single night: 2, stupid mistake too...I'm just not into that.

4. Wildest sex act performed: Let's see, that would have to be on a picnic table in a state park. There were people about 200 yards from us.

5. Kinkiest act you've considered: I don't know really...anal sex, which wasn't really my thing either. Flying to New York to meet someone who offered to pay for my Spring Break there and stay with him.

6. Sexual attribute receiving the most attention: My breasts, lol...not many women have 42Js. I always get the "Daaaaammmmnnn"'s when I walk by.

7. Sexual attribute deserving the most attention: My breasts, although they get the most attention in public...behind closed doors, guys seem to shy away from them. Of course most guys I've been with just wanted their kicks and didn't care about me.

8. Biggest physical turn ons: A huge cock, 11 inches is the biggest I've been with and it was amazing. Also a nice chest, I don't know what it is, but I enjoy resting my head or my hand on a guys chest...its soothing I guess, lol.

9. Biggest physical turn offs: Really skinny guys, especially skinny guys with a beer belly, YUCK. My ex was like that, its just not attractive. And well, small penises. I try to get over it, but I can't.

10. Is sex tied to emotions for you: I think so, a lot of people on here just want sex to get their enjoyment and go. Yes, that's all fine and good, but for me, I want some kind of connection. I need to at least be friends and know that the person and I could click outside of the bedroom too.

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