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8/25/2005 3:33 pm

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fuck me

-you want some more cinamon crisps, he asked?
-always, but could we ask for some organs or even some oranges.
-yes but you can eat many, many cinamon crisps
-inside and outside?
-only in the dark

-We demand more organs
-Im afraid youll have to be more specific
-We demand more oranges
-Im afraid my associates of the east cannot provide the organs in quantities you desire
-What about the good people in Belieze?!!
-Ah yes they have many oranges

-I can tell you're really after organs and not oranges
-We thought this was abundantly clear
-well like the birds of aristopanies am i
-can we have some more cinamon crisps?
-ill cut you a deal for some organs
-sweet sweet organs

-go to the place where silver and gold are mined, in the caves of sepia toned sovranty, over the many forests valleys and hills
-this sounds like quite defeat
-you think organs just grow on trees?
-no, no we are much simple and know nothing but desire for organs
-but isnt it cold, here have some oranges
-id like some cinamon crisps too
-now youve really done it
-thank you, but i swore the oranges were in Belieze
-this is Belieze

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