It's Me  

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11/24/2005 8:04 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

It's Me

How can it be
Should I flee
Why dose this happen to me
Unsure of myself no certainties
Looking into the depths of the night
I do not see a shining light

As darkness falls I see no hope
Just more darkness to unfold
No light to embrace me in
Wanting to crawl out of my skin
What kind of place have I put myself in?
When will the good life begin?

I feel a hand on my back
A voice says I’m here to help not attack
Take my hand and follow me
Don’t worry soon you’ll see
Walking through the dark this voice it comforts me

It seems so, so familiar
So at home with is southing sounds
So strong in its directions
So gentle in its commands

The darkness slowly fading away
The sight of light in the distance
This might be the start of a new day
With this voice and hand guiding my way
The light getting brighter

I start to try to see
Who is this voice that is helping me?
What type of super being can this be?
Guiding me out into the light I start to see
Putting my hands on his face
To lift it up to me
All the while thinking who can this be
To my surprise who do I see?
It’s me

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