Stump Pass  

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9/5/2006 10:40 pm
Stump Pass

Stump pass

We have been planning a getaway to the condo at Manasota Key for some time now. I have taken care of getting the boat down there several weeks ago. Our condo faces the intercoastal side of the key, or towards Englewood for those not familiar with the area.

We awake early for our morning love making session and for some reason we are more into it today. After satisfying each other, we shower and begin to gather the few remaining things we need to take with us.

As we are about to get into the Yukon, you put your arms around my neck and kiss me passionately. My hands roam your sides, feeling the sides of your breasts, I feel you take that deep breath that I enjoy so much when I touch you. I can see this may be a long trip today. You’re in one of those moods, sultry, inviting, teasing moods.

We have about an hour and a half drive to get there and as we drive along we talk about sex. You are wanting to know what I have planned for you for the next week or so. My mind is always thinking of ways to please you, to invite others to join us. One of my ideas is to go to Stump Pass. I see the smile come on your face, I have brought back some fond memories of us on the very south end of the park and the north side of Stump Pass. Beautiful white sand, lots of shells, plenty of isolation and a whole group of guys. I am aroused by the thoughts and you seem to be thinking the same things I am.

We have skipped breakfast this morning so both of us are hungry so we stop at the Cracker Barrel in Bradenton at I-75 and SR64. You keep teasing me during our meal and as soon as we are finished I take you by the hand and lead you across the parking lot to the Days Inn and we get a room. As soon as the door closes I strip you and press you against the wall. You feel so good, so warm, so inviting I have to have you right then and push you against the wall and lift one leg and let my throbbing cock slip into you. Oh it feels so good, so wet and warm, I push hard. Then I pull out and take you to the bed, kiss you passionately and crawl between your legs as you spread open for me and I slip into you.

I kiss you, teasing your mouth with my tongue, feeling my dick in your pussy, I press my weight on you and feel you moan deeply. After a few minutes, I begin to eat you. You taste so good, my tongue lashing at your clit, it isn’t long and you cum for me and I get back on you and fuck you hard now. The sound of our bodies banging together has both of us turned on, along with the sensations of very hot sex.

We spend almost 2 hours making love to each other then we shower and get ready to leave. As we are about to walk out the door, I take your hips in my hands and hold you tight, slipping your shorts down so they drop onto the floor. I press against your back so you bend over and I take my cock out and slip it into you and fuck you until I cum in you again. I reach between your legs and spread the cum all over you and onto your tummy and ass. Then I pull your shorts up and pat your ass and now it’s time to go.

I know when I spread that cum all over between your legs and onto your ass, when it dries, you will feel it the rest of the afternoon. It isn’t long as we drive down towards Sarasota that I notice you squirming in the seat. You put your feet up on the dash and let your legs spread open and I notice a wet spot on your shorts. I reach over and slip my hand down into your shorts to find your pussy very wet. I know I need to stop and take care of you. We need to get off of I-75 soon anyway so as we head over to US41, I pull over onto the shoulder of the road and get out and walk around to your door and open it. You still have your feet on the dash. I have you raise enough to get your shorts down so I can get to your pussy and reach into my pocket and take out the pocket rocket vibrator. I hear you moan at the sight of it. I bend to kiss you and as I do I slip the vib onto your clit. You gasp at the feeling of it on you. I stand and watch traffic while with one hand I slip 3 fingers into you and with the other hand I use the vib to tease you to orgasm. It isn’t long and you’re thrashing about in the seat, my hands are both soaked with your juices. Your body is jerking and feeling that orgasm and as I begin to remove my fingers from your pussy, you hold them and tell me you want more. I press my hand hard into you and let my thumb rest on your clit as I fist fuck your pussy. That orgasm comes quicker than the first, the seat is all wet now.

We better get the move on or we will never get to the condo so we just verbally tease each other the rest of the way. We arrive about 3 p.m. and quickly look everything over and then head to the boat. The area is beautiful by boat however you better watch where you’re going during low tide. Just as we leave the dock we spot a manatee and move to watch it some as we move slowly by it. Both of us want to get to Stump Pass and check out what’s going on there. It isn’t far, about 3 miles but 6 miles by boat. There is a park there on the north end of the pass. It is about 1.5 miles from the parking area, which by the way if you ever go there, the last time we were there in the Yukon there was only 4 parking spaces. On the gulf side it is beautiful white sand beaches, on the intercoastal side there is an area they call the ski slot. Lot of people ski in that slot, then there are mangroves between the slot and the intercoastal. The mangroves hide a lot of things going on there. Water is usually maybe knee deep except for a channel area in the ski slot.

We troll down the ski slot, not many people there. As we reach the inlet to the pass we see a group of boat out on the tip of the pass where you pass through into the gulf. Some of the boats are backed into shore with tarps supported off the back of the boat. That tells us there is something going on in the boat. We back into shore and anchor. Here you have to be careful because the current through the pass is pretty swift during tide changes. We are all set up and take our chairs out and sit on the beach. Several couples walking along the beach come over to us and start chatting, wanting to know if we have been here before.

Soon we are talking about swapping and then we move the conversation to finding guys for you. There are two couples there now and one of the guys says he can find guys for you. He makes a call and we sit around for awhile, they bring drinks and snacks. By now it’s getting pretty late in the afternoon and we are getting hungry. As we try to excuse ourselves, the two couples invite us to join them for supper. They have all types of food, even some fish they have caught earlier in the day along with ribs, steak, and sausage. So, we join them and as soon as we start to eat along came several boats full of guys. About 10 guys, I think. You’re playing it cool, but I can tell you have those flutters in your tummy seeing all those guys. One by one the guys stop to say hi and get acquainted. We have 4-5 guys there by us and me as if they would be interested in getting some of you. They all chime at the same time that they do and when. I tell them, what about right now. They are ready so I take you to the boat and we prepare the sunning pad on the sun deck.

We take a little time for us to hold each other and then I invite the guys one at the time to join you on the pad. I have you face down to start and as they are rubbing your back and legs I drip some oil into your crack and spread you open so you are not dry to start. You pussy doesn’t need anything, that is obvious, it is dripping. One of the guys spreads your cheeks with his hands, and begins teasing your openings. I see your hips moving to the feelings between your legs.

It’s almost dark now as I watch you sucking a nice sized cock while the guys have rolled you onto your side and have your legs open and are finger fucking you. I roll you over onto your back and invite them to fuck you. They line up and then I motion several of them to suck your tits while you’re fucked by the others. They quickly bring the heat up for you by sucking both nipples while one fills you with cock and another you suck.

One of the ladies who are part of one of the couples, began fluffing them for you, making sure they were plenty hard for you when they got to you. I could tell you were cumming on those cocks as they fucked you. After you have about 5 of them I had you get doggie and they lined up again for you. I could see your pussy dripping after each one had you.

After several hours, I pulled you aside so we could get something to eat. You had 8 of them and I thought we would get something to eat and head back to the condo. One of the guys didn’t get any of you and asked if he could follow us back to the dock at the condo and see if there would be any interest in him participating. We prepared to leave, making sure we exchanged phone numbers with everybody. We followed our track on the gps back to the dock at the condo with our new friend right behind.

All you have on is a tee shirt. I doesn’t cover most of your ass. As we step onto the dock, the new friend is there to help you. He wants some of you and I know you want to get a shower. It’s almost 11 p.m. now. I invite, Ronnie our new friend, to join us in the condo. You and I head for the shower, Ronnie watching us wanting to join. We take our time in the shower and step out. I put a wrap around you and we go out into the living room with Ronnie.

We sit around some relaxing and Ronnie asks if he should leave. I tell him no, maybe he would like to spend the night. We fix a couple of drinks and sit around and chat some. You move next to me and lay your head on my shoulder and watch Ronnie. It seems to make him nervous as you watch him. You whisper in my ear “I want him to sleep in our bed with us tonight”.
I invite Ronnie to join us and we turn off the lights and he follows us to bed. For us, being together when we go to bed means usually you have your head on my chest so I can rub your back as we fall asleep together. Tonight as we do this Ronnie is behind you feeling you. He keeps moving around until he gets his cock fully in you. I feel your hands on my chest, squeezing as he fills you with cock. Then he begins moving in and out of you until I hear you saying “omg fuck me, yes right there fuck it like that, keep doing it”. I feel you cum and he keeps pounding into you until he gets you to cum again. You look at me and say “oh fuck we should have found him sooner”. I smile and hold you tight while he fucks and fucks you. Finally, you tell him to get off and lay on the bed and you mount him. I watch you move those hips on him and I know he is getting deep into you because your head is back and your eyes are closed and that guttural sound you make when a cock is getting deep in you is getting louder and louder until you burst out in a scream, your body jerking and thrashing about on his cock.

Ronnie wants more, the both of us are exhausted from the travel and adventure today so we tell Ronnie he is welcome to stay with us for the night in our bed. You and I fall asleep together with Ronne close behind you.

I will start part 2 from this point later…. Hope you enjoyed it.


Stump Pass #2

We had taken Ronnie to bed with us and while I held you, he fucked you from behind and then we fell asleep. That must have been about 2 a.m.

I am awakened by your movement on me and realize Ronnie must be doing something to you. Your head is on my chest. One of your hands has my arm and is squeezing it. I look around and see the time is 4:10 a.m. and the outline of Ronnie’s head kissing your leg. His hand must be doing something to you because your breathing tells me your near cumming. There isn’t much light but as you realize I’m awake, your face turns to me and I see your smile and a soft “hi” from you.

Its obvious Ronnie is getting to you whatever he is doing to you. I have always enjoyed listening to you during sex. Those moans, ahs, breathing and expressions bring excitement to every encounter.

I stop Ronnie and take you out to the living room to the couch and have you sit on the edge of the cushion and draw your legs up so Ronnie can eat you from top to bottom. I go to the utility room and get the sex horse and put it in the middle of the floor, then go to the bathroom and turn on the Jacuzzi for later. Ronnie is puzzled at the sex horse however keeps licking at your clit. I watch as he brings you up to the edge of an orgasm then I have you get on the horse. I love that thing because your tits are hanging freely and I love that, to feel all of your tittie hanging there and the nipples, not much better feeling sensation.

I move a chair behind you and have Ronnie sit in it. Ronnie wants you really bad and is puzzled by him sitting in the chair looking at you on the horse. I have you put your feet up on a peg higher so it spreads you open more. Your lips now open and Ronnie can see all of your clit and openings. I spread your cheeks open even more with my hands so your pussy opens up so he can see into you. Ronnie wants to fuck; his cock is hard, very hard. I ask Ronnie if he wants you, wants to fuck you. Ronnie says, “Fuck yes; I want to fuck her pussy.” I tell Ronnie he can have you however he will have to promise to fuck you as hard and as long as he can. Right now Ronnie would agree to anything and agrees. Ronnie jumps up ready to fuck and I tell him to sit down.

I move around to the front of you and take your face in my hands and kiss your mouth passionately. I ask you “do you want Ronnie to fuck you, to fuck your pussy”. You smile and say “I want Ronnie to fuck me yes, fuck my pussy until I scream”. Ronnie is getting agitated; wanting you he is stroking his cock. I hand him some lubricant, certainly don’t want him ramming that thing into you hard that first time without lube. I go back to you and say “Ronnie is ready to fuck you now, are you ready for him?” You look at me and say “god I want Ronnie to fuck my pussy please, tell him to do it to me, I want to feel his hard dick in my cunt.”. Ronnie is so worked up now he can’t wait and I tell him to go get you. He grabs your hips and plunges deep into you really hard and I hear you say “omg fuck me yes, please”. Ronnie has your hips and he fulfills his promise to fuck you hard, so hard the horse begins to move across the floor. Your saying “omg omg omg, oh fuck yes don’t stop, please don’t stop”.

I had guessed Ronnie would bang you hard for a few minutes and cum and that would be the end of it. Ronnie did cum and didn’t miss a beat, kept fucking and fucking making you cum with him several times. Ronnie lived up to his promise because he must have fucked you for 30 minutes as hard as you could possibly get fucked. Ronnie was sweating, both of you are soaking wet and as quickly as Ronnie started, he collapsed onto the floor. I took your face in my hands and kissed you and you say “omg that was so fucking good”.

I take you to the bathroom and check the Jacuzzi. The water is just the right temperature. I turn to find you sitting on the edge of the counter next to the sink, your legs pulled up, your swollen pussy exposed. You tell me to come to you. I am excited having watched you take that pounding from Ronnie. I walk up to you and my cock slips right into you. I hold you tight to me and move my hips so my cock is moving in and out of you. Your pussy is so warm and as I am enjoying fucking you, you begin to ask me how much I enjoyed watching Ronnie fucking you. The excitement overwhelms me and I cum in you, feeling every drop of cum flowing into you. You feel it to, the pulses of cum being pumped deep into your pussy. I hold onto you tight, enjoying you, enjoying the feeling of you.

Then I take you to the Jacuzzi and both of us slip into it and enjoy the warmth of the water. Both of us fall asleep in the Jacuzzi until about 7:30 a.m.. Our fingers are all shriveled up from being in the water so long. I dry you and take you to the bed and we stretch out on it. You look at me and smile and ask “what is planned for today?” I ask if there is anything special you would like to experience. You comment about the group of guys from yesterday and express your desire to experience them again while we are there. Other than that you want to go with the flow and have some great sex. You rolled over with your back to me and draw your legs up to your chest; this is my clue to spoon with you, something both of us enjoy immensely. I slip my cock into you and move up behind you and put one hand on your tummy and the other massages your neck. It isn’t long and both of us are asleep.

Well, this is going to end Part 2.

Now thinking about part 3. Maybe I should take you out in the boat and collect a few guys and just cruise while they spend time with you on the tanning pad. Or maybe I should invite them to the condo, or to the gazebo at the condo. And then there are always the woods at Stump Pass….. Wonder if any body has an idea where my next part will take us.

Stump Pass Part 3

I am awakened by movement on the bed and think it is you only to find it is Ronnie looking for space to lie on the bed. I had forgotten about Ronnie last night after the Jacuzzi. Later I found out he had fallen asleep on the couch.

I ask Ronnie to let us have some time to ourselves, he is welcome to take a shower or use the Jacuzzi. You move next to me and lay your head on my chest and I hear you say “good morning luv”. My hand is on your back, feeling you and then I feel you take my cock in your hand and squeeze it tightly. Your fingers teasing my balls get my attention very quickly and soon I am hard.

We begin to talk about today and as we do you sit up and straddle my cock and lower yourself onto it. Oh that sensation as you slide down on me, that warm sensation sends chills up and down my spine and a thrust up into you with my hips. Once you’re completely impaled on me, you bend forward and kiss me. Your titties on my chest teasing me, I thrust up into you again. You stretch out on top of me and again start talking about today. I find my cock in your pussy rather distracting from that conversation however you keep on talking and soon I have to answer.

There is one advantage to being involved with someone who understands what you are thinking about sex, you can talk openly about anything you have on your mind. Our relationship is based on each of us drawing from the others excitement of everyday life. We may have a disagreement, however we never go to bed without resolution and we never get up in the morning with a disagreement. Sex is a major portion of our life, not a side line. As we lay there together this morning, talking about Ronnie and the plans for the day, that warm feeling overcomes both of us and we hold each other tightly.

As we talk I can feel how much wetter you have become and the feeling of those juices surrounding my cock is having the affect you want. You are testing me; you enjoy holding my cock in you while we are still until I explode in you. Talking about sex with you and the feeling of your juices flowing around my dick and leaking out onto my balls always gets to me. Something you enjoy doing because you have control. You are submissive when we are with other people however at home and alone we quite often switch roles with you being dominating and me being submissive. It makes for exciting sex for both of us.

As we talk, my mind is working on what to do today. I ask if you would like to cruise down to the marina near Boca Grande and have lunch. We have had some great experiences there in the past. Your head is lying on my shoulder and you kiss my neck. You know I can’t stand that for long and soon, without much warning, I begin pumping hot cum into you, my hips thrust up into you and I hear you say “oh god yes give me all of it”. That feeling of total relaxation overcomes me as we lay together. Then I feel you kissing my neck again and then I take your face in my hands and kiss you passionately. There are those times when I kiss you, your mood is one of sultry seduction and the kiss reveals you to me. The kissing lasts a long time, enjoying it, teasing each other with our tongues.

I am hard again and feel you moving on me. You lean back on me, I love it when you do that, it tells me you’re enjoying the feeling of having me in you. I can feel your pussy “grasping” my cock deep in you. Part of me wants to put you on the sex horse or at the edge of the bed doggie and fuck you so hard you scream. The other part of me wants to stay the way we are, slow deliberate sex, enjoying the finer sensations that you miss when you fuck so hard. What I truly want and need to do is have you cum for me. I see that smile on your face when I say “it’s my turn to make you feel special now”. You know I love to make you feel good and you respond with a “oh ok, if you must”, and you get off of me and roll over onto your back.

I get a warm wash cloth and place it between your legs for a few moments then clean you with it. You always tell me that warm cloth lying on your mound and between your legs send chills up and down your spine and I love that sensation. I get the mini vibrator and the g spot vibrator, and when you see those two together you say “oh god”. I have a thing about getting the most and best orgasms from you. There is just something that I love about watching, feeling and hearing you have an orgasm that turns me on so much.

I place the g spot vibrator against your opening and with slight pressure it slips into you slowly. I can see and feel your breathing becoming more rapid. I give the g spot and spin around in you to align the curved tip with your spot. You always hold my arm and when it is perfectly aligned you squeeze my arm. Since the g spot vibrator is not in you very far, I place the heel of my hand on the end of the vibrator and press it at an angle so it is pressed against your spot inside firmly. This also makes the vibrations echo into you’re your pelvic bone. Then I take the mini vibrator and touch the tip of your clit, your body twists and turns with the feelings of both of those vibrators, your hand is squeezing my arm very hard and I hear you say “oh fuck hun, oh fuck yes don’t stop”. I take two fingers and spread your lips wide at your clit so the clit stands up for me then I touch it again with the vibrator. The reaction to the touch brings your legs together in a squeeze. I can’t move my hand much however do manage to get the vibrator on your clit and you begin jerking around on the bed. I hold the mini on your clit and the vibrations send your body into an orgasm that has tears in your eyes. I can feel how wet my hands are between your legs.

You relax and I remove the vibrators as I watch your body still having those tell tale spasms. I take my two hands and hold you open so your clit is standing up for me and I watch as it moves to the spasms your still having. I want to bring another orgasm and get on my knees and begin to lick you. I hear you say “oh no no no no no no no no”. I lick harder the cover your clit with my mouth and gently suck on it until it is all in my mouth then my tongue begins to massage the tip of the clit. Your body is jerking about and I have to hold you to keep your legs open and my mouth on you. I use my lips to massage the sides of your clit while my tongue is teasing the tip. I feel your body tense and then without much warning you begin to cum shaking violently. You are jerking about so much I can’t keep my mouth on your clit so I shove 3 fingers deep into you and press hard so you can ride them while your cumming for me. My hand is soaking wet as I press it into you, your hips fucking my hand and it slips deeper and deeper into you, almost in a frenzy your body jerks about riding my hand.

I push your legs up and get in you and drive hard into you until I cum with it pressed hard and deep in you. We lay together for a long time, just laying there quiet touching each other. Then we start talking about the rest of the day. It’s almost lunchtime and we are hungry so we are planning to get a light lunch, at least enough to get us to about 2 p.m. when we plan to go cruising down to the marina at Boca Grande.

I see movement in the other room and soon Ronnie appears at the door and asks if we want him to leave. We tell him we are going to get a little something to eat and then we are cruising down to Boca to see what we can find. Ronnie is going to go home and cleanup and change clothes and we agree to meet him at the boat at 1 p.m. We ask him to see about 4-6 guys to meet us at the marina about 2 p.m. because we want to create some excitement at the restaurant/bar there at the marina then we want to go out offshore and play for awhile.

I think it’s time to stop part 3 now.

Part 4 should be coming along soon

Everyone enjoy…


Stump Pass Part 4

We had some fruit and snacks to get us by until we get lunch about 2 p.m. at the marina.

I pick a few things to take along with us. Your bathing suit, a sexy dress, the wireless butterfly, a pair of panties, a large shirt, a wrap, some towels and a large blanket.

At 1 p.m. as we walk down to the boat, we notice that Ronnie has already arrived and there are two other guys with him. I feel you take my hand and squeeze it. Ronnie introduces us to his friends, Donnie and Henry. Ronnie asks if it is ok if they come along with us to the marina. I have dressed you in a slip over dress, not tight, just enough to cover you so we don’t get arrested. If I stand in the light just right I can see through the dress. I notice the guys are giving you the look up and down as we stand and talk on the dock. This excites you knowing they are looking and you squeeze my hand.

After yesterday and last night Ronnie wants to get to you right away and comes to me and asks if it’s ok. You overhear him ask and move next to me and look at me and mouth, not yet you want to wait awhile. Unusual for you to not want attention. You move to the bow of the boat and sit facing back towards me. Then I realize what your up too. You have put your arms up on the cushions on both sides of you and slipped down on the seat like your stretching straight out. I notice as the boat moves your legs become wider apart revealing your pussy. The guys behind me are looking as you pretend to have your eyes closed.

You are enjoying teasing the guys. I am very hard watching you teasing them as we make our way down the inter coastal waterway towards Boca and the marina. As soon as we clean the last bridge, you move back to me and take my hand and tell me to let Ronnie navigate. You take me to the bow where you had been sitting and have me sit and you pull my suit down and begin sucking my dick. Ronnie is looking into your pussy from behind and wants to get in the action. You look at me and shake your head no. Ronnie takes the hint.

You have sucked me until I can’t stand it any longer then you straddle me and slip onto my swollen cock. You settle down on me and I feel your hips moving on me. Even with the sex this morning I am charged and want to fill you with cum. I see a large boat go by in the other direction and ask Ronnie if there is a wake from that boat. He says yes and I tell him to bring the speed up so the bow of the boat is up when we hit the wake and to meet the wake head on. You know what I am up to, I feel you tense. I hold your head with your eyes covered so you don’t know when we will hit the wake. I feel your pussy letting go of additional juices in anticipation.

It seems like forever but then the bow raises and as the wake slams against the hull of the boat, I am forced deep into your pussy repeatedly as we hit each wave. You scream from the thrust into you and try to hold on so you have some control of how deep I slam into you. The sudden thrusts drive you into orgasm and I feel you arching your back and pressing down on me, with those thrusts that I can’t control I begin to cum in you. You put your head down next to mine and I hear you say “oh fuck that got my attention and I know it got yours because I could feel the throbbing of your cock in my pussy”. I can hear the guys talking about seeing the cum leaking out of your pussy as we enjoy the after glow of what has just happened to both of us.

I get up to go relieve Ronnie and you sit back in the seat, pull the dress up and put your feet on the seat so your spread wide open for the guys to see. Your fingers spread your lips open even further and you begin touching your clit, teasing yourself and the guys. I know what your up too. You’re teasing the guys so when they do get a chance at you they will want you so bad you will get the fucking of your life. Little do these guys know what kind of fuckings you have had before and then wanted more fucking.

Soon we arrive at Boca and the marina. It is now 2:15 p.m. and both of us are so hungry we could eat a bear lol. There are few people here this time of day so we pick a table outside by the boat. I don’t recognize anyone working here today that was here from previous visits. There was one waiter that was especially attentive to you in the past.

The guys are horny as hell now having watched us play on the way down here. Ronnie tells us several more guys thought they could make it today. We order lunch and are enjoying some sexual banter back and forth when two more guys arrive. They are introduced to us as Steele and Sandy.

We eat lunch and chat about lots of things, including sex. My mind is wandering wondering what to do with you now, where to take you so the guys can have some fun with you and more importantly, you have fun with them. There is a bar at the marina. We have played at that bar before so the 7 of us head towards the bar.

The bar is pretty much empty. There is a couple sitting at the bar drinking. We choose a large table in the corner and sit. The bartender comes and takes our orders. Donnie says he is buying this round. It is rather dark in our corner and you lean your head against mine and say “is it ok if I thank Donnie for the drink” I smile and nod yes. You disappear under the table and then I see Donnie’s face as you go down on him. I watch as he squirms in the seat. I can hear you slurping on his dick as you suck it. I watch as Donnie’s body tenses and then he closes his eyes and I can hear you taking his load of cum in your mouth. You return to the chair next to me from under the table and say to me “thank you”. You get up and walk around the table to Donne and press your breasts against the back of his head, then bend and kiss him with your open mouth. Then you stand and say “thanks for the drink”.

You go to the restroom and while you’re gone the guys ask about participating with you. I tell them to be patient; good things come to those who wait.

It is now time to end Part 4 and begin Part 5

I have an idea where to take you for the guys to have fun with you in the next part.

Stump Pass Part 5

As we walk through the marina towards the boat, I notice all the guys looking at you. We now have Ronnie, Donnie, Henry, Steele and Sandy in tow.

I had thought about just taking you out into the gulf so the guys could play with you however it looks a little choppy out offshore so I have an alternate plan, and we are only 2 miles from it.

As we get into the boat, I have you sit in the seat up front but not before I raise your dress up around your waist then have you sit. Then I have you put one foot up on the cushion. Your pussy is exposed now and the guys can see you open for them. Ronnie asks if he can sit beside you and I tell him no to just watch.

As we are leaving the marina, I motion to you to touch yourself to tease the guys. You smile and as your fingers dance around on your body working down between your legs, I notice the guys watching you intently, bulges in their shorts. I want the guys to be so turned on by you that you get all the lust they are storing up for you, not to mention the extra cum from the teasing.

I am taking us to a friend’s house on Gasparilla Island which is Boca Grande. I have been there before and have the security code to get onto the premises and into the house. It faces the gulf and has a beautiful pool which can’t be seen from the water because of the landscaping.

We arrive and each of the guys wants to help you out of the boat and onto the dock. As we stand on the dock, I take your hand, the hand you played with yourself and take each finger and suck them one at the time. The guys are now in a frenzy wanting you. We walk up the short path to the gate and I enter the pass code on the security system and the gate opens for us.

Another short path and we are at the pool and Jacuzzi. There is a pool house with a pool table and lounge area. I have brought the bag I put together this morning and put the towels out on a table by the pool. I check the house to make sure there is no one there. Then I take you by the hand and take you by the Jacuzzi. I put my hands on your waist and draw you close to me. You put your arms around my neck and we kiss passionately. I hear Ronnie say “you guys did that enough last night, give us a turn”. We ignore him and embrace and hold each other for awhile. Then I lift your dress off of you and you take my shorts down to the floor. Again, we embrace and kiss, feeling each other, getting each other turned on.

Then I move around behind you and begin kissing your neck and ears, fondling your breasts, teasing your nipples and let you feel my cock pressed against your cheeks. You lay your head back on my shoulder and we kiss. I hold your head in my hand and tell Donnie to step up and suck your nipples as I cup each one now in my hand. I feel your gasp as he begins to suck first one nipple then the other. I feel your ass press back against me. I tell you to spread your legs so Donnie can feel between them. You whisper in my ear, “You’re a fucking tease”. Donnie’s fingers slip into you and I hear Donnie say “damn she is wet”. Then I tell Henry to step up and he kisses your mouth and makes you moan, then he begins kissing down across your breasts, taking each one in his hand and kissing it all over and sucking the nipples until you are grinding into me. Then Henry spreads your legs more and begins licking at your clit. Your body is jerking about from the feelings of his tongue. Then it’s Steele’s turn then Sandy’s turn and I made Ronnie wait until last. All of the guys are bare assed naked now with hard dicks just for you.

After Ronnie gets his 2-3 minutes, I cup your breasts and kiss you passionately. Then I whisper in your ear “look at those guys with those hard dicks wanting to fuck you. Are you ready for them? Do you want them to fuck you?” You kiss me passionately, then look into my eyes and say “you bastard, you’re such a fucking tease, you know damn good and well I need the fucking.”

I invite all the guys to come forward and feel you, kiss you, finger fuck you, explore your body. They all surround you and begin feeling you. I get a sunning pad out of the pool house and put it on the deck. They want to get you to the pad so they all pick you up, and I watch amused at the site. Henry and Sandy are both trying to get between your legs and Henry wins out and while they are walking you to the pad, Henry gets his dick in you and is trying to hold on for dear life. The other guys push Henry away and his dick falls out of you. They get you down on the pad and then they all scramble to get in you. I watch some then break up the contest.

I have them back away and I straddle your face kneeling and take your ankles in my hands and draw your legs up to me so your wide open and available. Then I have Ronnie start sucking one of your nipples and Sandy suck another. I have Steele slip his swollen cock into you and he begins pumping your pussy with his swollen cock. I move away and let Donnie straddle your face and you begin sucking him. Henry and I hold your legs so your ass is up off of the mat for best penetration. Each guy gets about 5 minutes and then we rotate clockwise. Once each guy gets you once, I put you on your knees and we start over with each guy getting you. Several of the guys cum but keep on pumping you.

After we have a round of doggie I put you on top and let you ride. When it gets to be Henry’s turn on the bottom and he gets in you and gets some of you for a few minutes, Donnie wants to know if he can fuck your pussy at the same time so he moves in and after several tries gets his dick in you with Henry’s. I can tell you’re going to cum while they fuck you like that and go and hold your face in my hands as you climax. Your face turns pale; your lips are dry as I bend to kiss you.

You roll over onto the pad and curl up into the fetal position. I can see your pussy muscles contracting to the orgasm. I tell the guys to leave you alone for a few minutes. We take a break and get some drinks from the boat and sit around the pool and relax while you recover.

I think its time to stop Part 5…..

We will have to see what Part 6 brings……

Stump Pass Part 6

After the guys gave you a pretty good fucking on the sunning pad on the pool deck, you curled up in the fetal position for a few minutes. I got us a cool drink and I lay with you on the pad. I asked if you had enough and you smiled and said “we will see but I am not ready to go yet.” You smell of sex, the smell of cum all over you which turns me on. I begin teasing your clit with my finger and soon get an orgasm from you. I look around to see the guys watching us.

You dive into the pool and I follow right behind you. The guys are standing around wondering if it’s ok to join us. You are an excellent swimmer and begin swimming laps. I invite the guys to come on in the pool. They watch your form in the water, your breasts as you swim past them.

After a dozen laps or so you come to me and say “I want some more.” I smile and tell you to go for it. The guys always wonder why you ask me each time if it’s ok. We have an agreement, and the basics of that agreement are that both of us agree that each of us feels ok with the situation. Before I invite any guy to participate, we communicate about it, and it may not be verbal because quite often it is a touch or squeeze of the hand that tells me you accept the role.

You move over to Ronnie, who is standing about chest deep in the water and I see you reach between his legs and take his cock in your hand and feel it, then feel his balls. He is very hard as you put your arms around his neck and wrap your legs around him. I watch as you position yourself, aligning his cock with your pussy and slowly taking him in. You’re a tease verbally when in a position like that and I hear you say in Ronnie’s ear, “You like that hot pussy on your swollen dick, don’t you Ronnie”. Ronnie thrusts into you and you say “oh yes I can tell you do, want to do it again Ronnie, fuck me, fuck my pussy like you want to, fuck it good.” Ronnie takes your hips in his hands and fucks you hard until he cums in you.

You do the same to each of the guys until you have taken all of them, one by one. It’s getting late so we clean up around the pool and pool house and we all get back on the boat and begin a slow return to the Englewood area. We decide to stop at the marina and call the condo association about the use of the gazebo this evening, and to leave Steele and Sandy so they can get their car. After calling we have a reservation for 7 p.m. for the gazebo for the rest of the evening. Then we head back into the intercoastal waterway and North.

It’s about 5 p.m when we arrive at the condo and the remaining guys are told to come back at 7 and we will grill steak, sausage, ribs and fish and have a good time. We think the guys are thinking the good time will be you, which turns you on.

Once back in the condo, we shower together and then lay together on the bed, holding each other. These are the times we communicate the best, when it’s quiet and we are together. Quite often it isn’t sex talk when we hold each other; it could be almost anything that is on either of our minds. You look at me and smile and say “you know I need to take care of you because I know you need it after watching me with all those guys today”. I feel your hand slip onto my balls and tease them and your lips on mine kissing me passionately. The teasing of my balls and then you feeling my shaft as I harden for you makes me want you so much my hips begin to move. You say “oh my, you do need it.” You lay you head on my stomach and tease my cock and balls with your fingers until I am ready to explode. Then I feel your mouth take my cock and begin sucking on it. You’re holding my balls in one hand; I can feel your fingers teasing my balls which drive me fucking wild. I feel my cock slip deep into your mouth and then your head moving up and down on me brings that first pulse of orgasm from deep within me and I say “yes I am going to cum” You get off of me long enough to say “yes give it to me” and then take my cock fully into your mouth. I can feel you sucking the cum into your throat as the pleasure on the tip of my cock becomes so intense my whole body goes rigid and jerks in spasms to the pleasure/pain of you still sucking. When you have gotten the very last drop, you look at me and smile and say “thank you”. Oh god I am drained completely and roll over on the bed.

You get up and are picking up clothes off of the floor and straightening up. I watch you some and then tell you to come to me. You slip in bed beside me and kiss me and say “I am here, would you like more”. I say to you “yes, I want more however I want to eat you until you cum on my face”. You smile and say “oh fuck yes do it”. I take you to the edge of the bed with you on your back and raise your legs and begin licking at your clit. You are very wet and somewhat swollen from the fuckings earlier. I use my hands to spread you open for me and begin tongue fucking your pussy and teasing your ass. It doesn’t take long and I feel you nearing climax. I place my lips on your clit and suck it into my mouth and begin massaging the tip of your clit with my tongue. You burst into orgasm, your body jerking about while I hold you firmly and keep my face pressed between your legs until you can take no more and I release you. My face is covered with your cum as I kiss your breasts and then your mouth.

We relax some together and then begin getting everything together for the cookout at the gazebo, which we had already gotten together all we had to do was get the baskets together.

I think it’s time to end part 6.

Part 7 should be fun… it was in real life.

Stump Pass Part 7

The gazebo is built on an elevated platform out into a wooded area on the intercoastal side of the condo. It has a elevated walkway to it which winds through the mangroves. The gazebo is about 35-40’ across, screened, and it has in the center, 4 bbq grills built into a circle. Along the outside wall is bench type seats with cushions. It has all types of lighting; however we choose to use only the yellow bug lamp outside for light, for obvious reasons.

We have brought along your sunning pad and a quilt and a couple of pillows. After the other play today I thought we would make this slower and maybe just one on ones for you tonight.

Ronnie and Steele get our grill going with charcoal and after about 30 minutes we put on our meat. It isn’t going to take long to grill the fish so Steele watches the fish and we keep the grill closed to cook slower for the other food. We aren’t going to set a time to eat; they can get the food whenever they want it. I walk up to the gate at the entrance to the walkway and put the CLOSED sign on the gate that indicates the gazebo is in use and close the gate.

When I get back to the gazebo, I find you have finished putting out all the rest of the food on the counter next to the grill. You look at me and smile and take my hand and we go to one of the benches and sit down. I put my arm over your shoulder and you put your head on my shoulder. The guys are watching us and we can tell they want you, they are just waiting for that invitation. All 5 guys from earlier today are here with us.

You look up at me and smile and say “I think I will roll the pad out on the floor”. I tell you I think that is a good idea. You are wearing a pair of shorts and a halter top and as you place the pad on the floor all the guys are watching. Then you fold the quilt and place it on top of the pad.

You come back to me sitting on the bench and stand in front of me. You sit on facing me and I feel you on my dick as you rub against me. You lean forward and kiss me, my hands feeling your back and the sides of your breasts. You begin kissing my ear which drives me into a frenzy and you know it. I hear you say “I want to feel you in me first this time”.

I pull the tie on the halter top and it drops loose from your breasts and I remove it. The guys are watching intently now. You offer me a breast to suckle and I take it with both hands squeezing it to make the nipple protrude and I begin kissing and sucking on it. I love your reaction to the attention to your breasts.

You seem to be in a sultrier, loving mood this evening as you rub against me. For the next few minutes it is a verbal tease of each other that drives both of us to want to the pad to finish what we have started. When you stand, I remove your shorts and wrap my arms around you and bury my face into your tummy. I can feel the heat between your legs on my chest. You unbutton, unzip and remove my shorts and say “come here love” You have me lay on the pad and you straddle me. At first with my dick rubbing between your lips, rubbing across your clit until my dick is all wet. Then you bend to kiss me while I fondle your breasts. I feel you moving to align my dick with your pussy then I feel you pressing down on it and feel the warmth as it disappears into you. I watch and feel as you sit up straight on me and arch your back and close your eyes. I can feel your juices flowing around me. I watch as you hold it. It’s almost like your feeling every part of my dick in you. The head deep in you is pressing against the bottom of your pussy. I can feel your muscles in you feeling my cock. It’s like you are feeling the shaft in you, feeling all around the shaft with the walls of your pussy and then your opening, spread open by my cock is grasping at the bottom of my shaft along with your clit pressed against my body, wanting a touch on the tip.

We seem to be suspended in time, both of us enjoying the feel of each other. Then your eyes open and you smile at me and I feel you begin to move your hips on me. I want to thrust up into you but you keep pressed down on me, moving your hips all around in a circle. I take your hips in my hands and push towards my feet so my cock is in you on an angle. I know I can get an orgasm from you like this and sure enough I feel your body shutter and jerk and then the verbal sounds of you enjoying an orgasm and oh the feel of the flood of cum within your pussy.

The flood of pussy juices while your cumming gets to me and I explode in you and you keep moving on me, milking the last drops from it and oh the pleasure is so intense my body goes rigid. We lay together for a few minutes enjoying the afterglow and then you get off.

I get up and look after the food and I notice you have gotten back on the pad. Ronnie comes to me and asks if it is ok if he lies with you on the pad. I tell all the guys they are welcome to participate with you however tonight they need to do it as one on one and to make sure you cum as much as possible.

Ronnie gets right to it and lies beside you and begins kissing you, feeling between your legs where I have just been and with the other hand is teasing your nipples. I notice Ronnie works up to getting a couple of fingers in you and begins finger fucking you pretty hard. He has his thumb fixed so with each thrust of his hand into you his thumb presses against your clit. It isn’t long and he brings you to climax fucking you hard with his fist. Then he rolls you onto your side and moves one leg up and straddles the other leg and slams his swollen dick into your pussy. I hear you moan and then say “oh god Ronnie, yes, press harder, fuck my swollen pussy, fuck it fuck it.” It isn’t long and Ronnie fills you with a load of hot cum. I get a washcloth and clean you up after Ronnie finishes with you.

Each of the guys gets a turn like Ronnie and when the last is finished we all sit around and eat and drink until about 2 a.m. You have had enough sex for the day and are quite content. We clean up and head to the condo and tell the guys we are not sure about tomorrow. We may need a day of rest but we will be in touch with them.
It is time to end part 7

Part 8 may be a lazy day of just us…not sure yet…

Stump Pass Part 8

Both of us were pretty well tired out early this morning when we came in from the gazebo. We showered together; I washed your hair and scrubbed your back, which you love immensely. I gave your entire body a good wash job as you did mine.

When we got to the bed it was almost 3 a.m. and both of us were ready to say good night. I snuggled in behind you and wrapped my arms around you and together we fell asleep within minutes.

About 6 a.m. I am awakened by the sounds of you crying and sobbing. This startles me as this is not normal for you. I find you in the bathroom sitting on the edge of the whirlpool with your face in your hands bent over. You are startled when I touch you and look up at me with tears in your eyes. Then I realize you have a headache. We didn’t drink that much last night so it must be something else.

I begin to massage your shoulders and neck and then your scalp. I start filling the whirlpool with water while I massage you. As soon as the tub is full, I help you into it. The massage has helped but there is still headache although not throbbing like before. I slip into the tub behind you and get you to slip down so your head can rest on my chest. There is warm bubbly water on your shoulders and neck so I begin to massage those areas again. The warm water feels good and soon I notice you have fallen asleep. I am comfortable so I stay there with you until you wake up after about an hour.

We go back to bed and both of us sleep until almost noon. I am starved and make us some BLT sandwiches, a few chips and pickles and two glasses of milk. Your headache this morning may have been because of a sour stomach and the milk may help. I put all this on a tray and take it to the bedroom expecting to wait for you to awake. When I walk into the room you turn to look at me and smile. I sit the tray on the bed and you put out your arms for a hug. As we lay face to face hugging each other, I hear you say “thank you”. Wondering what the thank you is for, I say “well I was hungry too.” You say “no, the thank you is for getting rid of my headache and for loving me the way you do.”

It doesn’t take us long to take care of the lunch and milk, both of us were very hungry. For several hours we lay in bed together, just laying there enjoying each other and talking. You begin touching me sexually and soon I am hard to fuck. You look into my eyes and say to me “I would like for you to take me out in front of the sliding doors onto the patio and make love to me in the open, fresh air.” You don’t have to say it twice, I grab up a blanket and some pillows. I open the sliding door and a nice breeze blows into the condo. I take the blanket and hang it across the railing so no one can see us on the floor. We are on the 4th floor so it would be hard for them to look in anyway. I get several tanning mats and put them together and cover them with a quilt and throw the pillows onto it. I notice you sitting on the couch watching me. I go get a container with ice, some glasses, water and turn on the radio with some soft background music.

I motion for you to join me on the floor and as you walk towards the mat, you take my hand and we hug and kiss. You say “do you know I love you very much?” I look you in the eyes and say “I love you very much too and I know you love me.” As we hold each other, your head on my shoulder, I feel tears on my shoulder. I take your face in my hands and look into your eyes and see the tears. I kiss you passionately and you wrap your arms around me and squeeze and tightly as you can. I am wondering what has brought on this outburst of emotions.

We lay together for a few minutes, not saying nor doing anything. You move onto your side and kiss me. For a long time we just kiss and hold each other. I begin to touch your breasts, teasing the nipples. Your reaction to the touch is very obvious as your hips begin to move. Your nipples begin firming up and protruding giving away your secrets. I begin to touch your nipples with the tip of my tongue and your breathing becomes much more pronounced, quick and sultry. You begin saying “oh yes” which I dearly love to hear you say.

You spread your legs wide and whisper in my ear, “touch me please; I need your touch there.” My fingers find you very wet and you gasp deeply as my finger slips across your clit and into your pussy. When you’re so wet like that I have a passion for eating you. I say to you, “I would love to eat your pussy”. You respond with “oh god yes eat me please, eat my pussy, eat my clit, fuck eat all of me”. I am very turned on, my cock is throbbing and I feel you grab it and then feel my balls.

I can’t stand you teasing my cock and quickly get between your legs, holding your ass up with my hands so I can lick you from your mound all the way to base of your tailbone, my face now buried into your pussy. My tongue lashing at your pussy, teasing your opening with my tongue then up onto your clit then back into your pussy. Your body is jerking about as I devour you, teasing your ass with my tongue then your clit, you explode into orgasm, screaming at me to stop the contact, my mouth closes on your clit and sucks it in, holding it, my tongue back and forth across the clit, I feel another gush of your hot juices flowing from you onto my hand. Your body is trembling and shaking from the orgasm.

I roll you over onto your tummy and close your legs, then straddle your ass and slip my dick between your legs and find your pussy wet, ready to fuck. I push down and forward and feel my dick force you open to take it. I press down into you and then forward wanting the head of my dick to press against your g spot. I hear you say “oh god yes, move right there, move it back and forth slowly”. I get into a rhythm right where you want it and soon I know I can’t control it because that intense feeling on the most sensitive part of my cock is rubbing on your g spot. I start telling you I am going to cum and can’t control it. You are quiet and then I feel you cum on my cock, your juices gushing around my cock, I can’t stand it and the first pulse of cum is on your g spot then I ram it as deep as I can into you and let you feel the pulses of cum deep in your cunt. I collapse on top of you and both of us lay quiet for a few minutes…

I think it’s time to stop Part 8 here
It’s about 3 p.m., wonder what we might come up with for the rest of the day.

Stump Pass Part 9

Both of us fell asleep on the mat. The breeze blowing, the fresh air and now the sun on us, I get up and get us some water to drink. On the way back I pick up a feather, my mind wandering, thinking about teasing you. I hide the feather so you don’t see it. You are laying on your side when I get back to you. You turn and look at me and gladly accept the water. You sit up and drink the water and comment “this has been a lazy day for us”. It’s about 4 p.m. now and I am hungry.

You are stretched out again on the mat and I take the feather and touch one of your nipples. Your eyes fly open and you look at me and say “you’re a fucking tease”. I love the feather, the touch is so light, and it drives you wild. I use it to tease around your breasts then your tummy, and then…..with your legs closed tight, it teases around your clit until your legs spread wide open. The feather on your inner thighs teasing up onto your lips until you clit protrudes in heat, wanting the attention; your clit is swollen as the tip of the feather touches and teases it.

I go get another feather and begin teasing you with two feathers. There are goose bumps between your legs and down your thighs as I tease you. Your pussy is wet and your juices are flowing as I tease you. You say to me “fuck me please”. I have other ideas right now and go get “big boy”, a very large rubber dildo. I lube big boy by rubbing it between your legs to get it all wet then slip it into you. I love to tease you with big boy because it stretches you enough to make orgasms more intense for you. I push the base of big boy down towards your ass so to make more teasing room on your clit and a little into your pussy.

I hold big boy down and in you with one hand and begin teasing your clit with the feather. I watch as your clit stands up to attention with the teasing. Very light touches with the feather bring you to climax. It’s difficult to keep the feather on you with you jerking about so much. When your body goes limp, I release you and both of us lay on the mat side by side, quiet, so quiet it is eerie in the condo.

We begin talking about supper. By now I am so hungry my stomach is growling at me. We have decided to go to Joe Joe’s for supper. A small bar/restaurant, not far from the condo. There are friendly people there and they have very good food. It doesn’t take us long to get a shower, dressed and down to Joe Joe’s.

I had you dress casual, shorts and pull over top not expecting anything tonight. We are seated at a large booth and order a couple of drinks and supper. We are feeding each other with our fingers which soon turn to sexual sucking of the fingers. We are having a blast with each other, laughing and carrying on. The owner or manager, not sure which he is but he stops to ask how the food is and we begin talking to him. He makes a comment about us having such a good time with each other and smiles. As he leaves, he stops at a table right next to our booth and talks to a couple there. I hear them comment about us having so much fun.

After the owner leaves, we are sitting at the booth holding hands and kissing, building the lust between us. The couple at the table asks if we are newly weds and we tell them no we have been married 10 years. They ask about our secret to enjoying each other so much. We invite them to join us and they do. We chit chat about a little of everything for a few minutes. Their names are Marianne and Ed. Marianne keeps turning the conversation towards our relationship. Soon it turns to sex and then you tell them I enjoy sharing you. At first, neither Ed nor Marianne realize what you are talking about then it hits them. Marianne’s face goes white and she doesn’t say anything. I notice that she has taken Ed’s hand and is squeezing it. Then Ed asks how that works and do I get jealous and who are the guys. Marianne seems to be embarrassed and doesn’t say anything.

Ed says “we have talked about swapping but never got up the nerve to try it.” With that Marianne says “Ed, please don’t talk about that”. You look at Marianne and tell her she should try it, it adds excitement to life. After some more talk, we ask if they would like to go for a boat ride with us out to Stump Pass. They look at each other and both say YES at the same time.

We go to the condo and get the boat and head south to Stump Pass. Getting there at night isn’t much fun so it takes awhile. As we get through ski lane, you can see the white sand of the beaches of Stump Pass. I see Ed holding Marianne in his arms and he kisses her. I hear her say “what was that for, you don’t do that very much anymore”.

We anchored the boat and got out on the beach. I tell Ed, why don’t you go with my wife and I will go this way with Marianne. I watch as you take Ed’s hand and lead him off. Marianne looks at me, with a look like she is dumbfounded. I take her hand and we begin walking the beach. What will happen with your wife and Ed, she asks. I tell her nothing will happen unless I am with her, our agreement. We talk and walk, much what I expect you are doing with Ed. Marianne asks questions about our agreement and then actually begins asking questions about our sex together. Soon I feel Marianne squeezing my hand.

After about an hour we all meet back at the boat. We take out some chairs and sit on the beach and talk for awhile. Then I ask Ed and Marianne if they would like to swap with us. Both of them say “yes”. I say “I think we need to go to the condo” and you say “not before you “introduce” me to Ed. I have this habit of breaking the ice for someone new to us by doing an introduction. I take you by the hand and have you stand. I stand behind you and kiss your neck and ear. You rest your head back on my shoulder. I raise your pull over top to expose your breasts and invite Ed to suckle on of them. At first Ed is slow to respond and I hear Marianne say “it’s ok Ed do it.” Ed quickly gets into feeling and sucking your breasts. I back away and Ed moves in and kisses you and feels of you.

Then Marianne says “Ed, I want you to do that for me please.” Ed is rather clumsy at first trying to stand behind Marianne and do what I did; apparently he doesn’t do that very often. When he unsnaps Marianne’s bra and lifts it away from her and her titties are exposed to the cool night air, we hear her gasp. I reach out and touch her. Ed is moving away from her and I suggest to him he might want to support her at least to start so he moves behind her and holds her. When my lips touched Marianne’s breast she let out a very loud moan, then I felt her hands on my head pressing me against her. It was very obvious Marianne wanted this more than she let on. I stood and took Marianne in my arms and kissed her. She was very much into it now. I suggested that we go back to the condo now and no one objected. I suggested to Ed and Marianne that they decide what they wanted to do during the ride back to the condo. They took a seat together in the stern of the boat and I could see them talking. You were next to me holding my arm.

After a few minutes, Ed and Marianne move up to where we are and tell us they are ready for us to swap. You look at me and say “is it ok”. I smile at you and nod yes. You take Ed by the hand and lead him forward and sit in the seat facing back towards me. I watch as you take Ed’

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