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9/5/2006 10:38 pm


what did you think when the closet door closed behind you?

it was dark, were you frightened?

how did you feel when I touched your back?

your breath quickened when I put my hands on your hips and pulled you against me!

did u mind feeling me behind you?

you didn't resist, how did you feel?

how did you feel when i kissed your neck and ears?

did u want more?

did you anticipate me touching your breasts or was it a surprise?

how did you feel when I began unbuttoning your blouse, then ripping the buttons off to get to you?

was ripping your blouse and bra off of you to much, to rough, to exciting?

your nipples were already anticipating the touch...your moan from deep within you tells me you enjoy the touch..would you like more....??

touching you and listening to you has me turned on and i am now hard, pressed into your ass cheeks... is this exciting, you knowing you have me turned on?

i bend down behind you and pull your clothes to the floor, am i out of line, should i stop?

i don't want to stop, I want you now... are you ready?

have you ever been made love to in a closet?

i move your legs apart... are you anticipating my next move...what will it be?

I want to taste you, my tongue diving into your pussy, i hear you gasp and bend over more as my hands spread you open for me...licking at your opening and around it.... hoping you are enjoying it?

i want you, i want to feel you surround me, to keep me warm deep in you, would you enjoy that?

or would you prefer to have more tongue fucking?

i want more tongue fucking, however i want to do it after my dick ravages your pussy, would you enjoy that?

i stand behind you and rub my swollen dick across your openings until you are begging for it...should i give it to you?

should i slip it in you slowly or drive it home with one hard thrust?

would you like to feel my dick deep in you filling you with hot jism?

or maybe you would enjoy feeling the warm juices on your back and ass?

would you like to lay on the floor of the closet while i tongue fuck you to get you off after i have fucked you or would you like to bend and let me eat you?

don't use the closet rod to hold yourself do know it won't hold you up, don't you?

would you like to straighten your hair and clothes before we leave the utility room at work? what about those missing buttons? how do you explain that to your co workers and boss? how do you explain the flushed face?

how will you feel the rest of the day feeling my cum between your legs?

will it make you hot for sex tonight?

or will you need more later today, in the closet again?

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