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10/14/2005 6:59 pm

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There are several places in signing up in this system that allows people to be creative and write. A place to write your fantasies, and place to write about yourself, a place to write about who you are looking for, and many places. There are also places where it is just "check this box." Many other services like this one only offer a "check this box" thing. Thats one of the things that I like about AdultFriendFinder.

Yet even among folks who say they like to write, I see an apathy. Come on folks tell me the difference between your wheat flakes and the next guy. This is your chance to shine! Don't be humble... heck if you're gonna show me pictures of your members standing at full attention I don't really think you are that shy... WRITE me an essay about who you are, about what you want, about why the sky is blue... I don't care, just give me some idea of who you are, what you dream about.....

Emails to me I would hope also are a bit more detailed than your profile. If you are just going to tell me the same thing over again that I can see in your profile, why should I even bother. Am I asking too much?

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10/17/2005 9:22 pm

Tell me what you like, expect.
That I'll do much without neglect.


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