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11/9/2005 12:17 pm

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imagine with me. I walk into a resturant that we have agreed to meet at. Just a regular meeting, nothing special. You meet me at the door and kiss my cheek lightly, and soon we are escorted to a table. As we walk to the table my hand reaches for yours and I give you a little box, not much bigger than a zippo lighter. You look at it, but it's use allueds you. Two small buttons and a dial are on the box. You have a questioning look as you pull my chair for me, and I sit down and wink at you. You sit down and the waiter, who must be in a hurry explains the specials, and asks us for our drink order. When he steps away you look again at the box and notice the buttons are marked on and off and the dial 1-10. You frown and put it down when the water is dropped off at the table. I pout a little, but make small talk.

Later as our lunch is delivered you've picked up the box without me noticing, and hit the "on" button. And I jump up and squirm just a little bit, as I inhale quickly and deeply. You listen, but there is no extra noise. You reach in your pocket, and play with the dial a little, and watch my eyes, for you have begun to understand what this little box does. You judge by my inability to talk coherantly that something is happening, and then you turn off the box. I relax but my eyes are shining. Later on you reach in your pocket and turn it on again... and again I jump, and stumble in the words that I was saying. But I give you this smile...3-10 quickly then slowly back down to 1... up to 10 then off.

We finish our lunches, and you've played for a while on and off with the dials and on and off buttons. I'm going crazy, but truely enjoyed everything. As the bill is paid and we stand to leave you find that you yourself are just as excited knowing that you can control my pleasure without even touching me....

We leave, and I lean into you and kiss you deeply. I whisper that it only works with in a 10 foot radius... although I wish that it would work from my office to yours. I kiss you again... lean into you... and caress your "third hand." we both moan just quietly as you turn me on and off, on and off... mmmmm until next time

(know where I could get one of these?)

byte22880 36M

11/11/2005 5:04 pm

You can get them at Adam and Eve.

I'd love to hold the remote for you.

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