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3/13/2006 10:08 am

Well my gosh! I was out at campus last night throwing pots when the director of the art department came in and said that although I was "somewhat" safe in the building that there were weather watchers out looking for tornados. The power went off probaby around 9 or so. I stayed in the darkend room until 11 or so believing that I was probably safer in the building than out in the elements... even made 2 things "blind"... this morning went back and threw one of them out because it wasn't really good looking. The other I may keep as an "experiment."

Drove home taking 3 different roads that I normally would have taken 1 but downed powerlines made a maze of the city. Got home where I have a huge old tree that regularly looses limbs, to find... well the tree was fine... the house was fine... the garbage bin was still right beside my house... the deck chairs were still on the deck... life was good although without electricty. I fed the cats, and Edision my new baby hedgehog, and read by lamp light for a while (oh called my folks to say I was ok - I woke them up and for that they thought I must have been in an accident).

When I woke this morning and drove back to campus I learned of the extensive damage to this town. Walmart on the west side has no roof... Gordmans, also was severly damaged... but the most telling.... the city owned power utility company was down for most of the night... we were off the air and just in the last hour or so went back on the air. So I need to read for the rest of the broadcast day.

One missing person was written about in the paper... the house completely destroyed about 2 blocks from my house. I hope they find the young man, and that he is safe.

Take care everyone... this is only the beginning of the season of bad weather... gotta love global warming???

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