teach me to make love like a woman  

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12/20/2005 12:23 pm

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teach me to make love like a woman

what an interesting assignment as offered recently...

How does a woman make love to another? Don't have lots and lots of experience to work from, but I know that women are usually softer and less well not less demanding... but hmmm

I offered the suggestions that you should use your fingers or other appendages as paint brushes and not as palet knives.

This got me to thinking about firebuilding... Both boy scouts and girls scout camps would have had basic fire making lessons. The boys... rub two sticks together or hit a flint with steel... both sound like they take anger, frustration, and hard core repetitive action...

girl scouts... well as we prepared to go to camp made parafin dipped safty matches... the hardest "work" was to blow on the flames just enough for it to catch, but not too hard to blow it out...

sounds like the difference in love making was even prevelent in those early early lessons of life

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