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2/22/2006 12:18 pm

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got an email a couple days ago from someone who was polite, and just said a few words. I responded back polite and a few words. Back and forth this occured for a few days, with me getting more suspicious. He really didn't say anything at all other than he was a retired state worker who was now substitute teaching in the area. I asked what he taught no answer, asked for hobbies, no answer, told him in general where I worked, and a few of my hobbies... still no real opening up. Then today's email was that by talking on line there could be a real friendship that could last a lifetime, but apparently I wasn't looking for that. He wished me luck in finding what I was looking for. Kinda creeps me out.

He had no profile listed anywhere that I could find. And didn't open up really at all to me, yet wanted me to open to him. I deleted all his notes to me, and feel sort of bad for doing so... but it just creeped me out. Internet friends are fine (God love yas) but it should be an equal give and take of information, to start as a foundation of friendship...


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