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2/23/2006 1:52 pm

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renting movies

occassionally I end up renting some porn... mainly because
a. I'm lonely
b. I'm horney
c. I'm bored
d. I want to see how bad acting really can get
e. all of the above

Well my local store has a little room off the back end of adults only and I occassionally with go through the louvered doors and see what's there. There are movies there that are $3 per night, some that are 2 for $3 for two nights. Well I picked up the 2 for 3 thinking at least one had to be good, well passible, well maybe?


The first one... I even got tired of the perdictability of it in fast forward... girl pulls out partner's member, and sucks him off for a while... then guy sucks on girls pussy for a while, then they fuck, maybe might do her ass, then pulls out and she sucks him off to the cum shot. all the while bad music is going and her squeals, pleads, and sighs... sometimes a few dirty words...

got me wondering why don't guys make so much noise when they are being sucked? Also thought about gay porn does any one make noise in them? Also wondered about the cleaniness of sucking off a cock after it's been up an ass? Very few condomns in these fils... also kinda scary.

but the last shot in the last film got me a little hotter I guess. Girl had very very thin legs the kind that don't even touch at the thigh (not bow legged just thin)... the guy after fucking her for a while stood behind her and pushed his cock between her legs, and he was long enough that it peeked through to the front of her body. He was rubbing and rubbing and then cummed. that one was the nicest one I think I've seen.

My legs will probably never be that thin ever, so unless I'd date John Holmes or something I don't think that will be happening with me! But it was still interesting.

but other than that...

2 thumbs down, and not up and down,,, just down

vengeur 41M
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2/27/2006 9:15 am

I have seen many porn films in my time. So please allow me to pass on my observations.

Porn film scenes are typically made according to a preconceived set of details, therefore, they tend to be very predictable. This is likely because the producers and performers in the porn industry prefer the old routine over having to learn new ones.

As for guys not making much noise when they are being sucked, I can at least say that I am one such guy. In gay porn, I'll be willing to be that the guy who gets fucked anally is the one who makes the most noise.

The whole aspect of a girl sucking off a cock after it has been up an ass is now being referred to as ATM (Ass to mouth). As for cleanliness, it's not as bad as some may think as long as adequate washing has been done just prior to engaging in such activity. I say this because I have seen ATM done in real life as well as in porn scenes.

Porn scenes are supposedly done to depict sexual fantasy. They are not usually meant to be documentaries. This is why condoms are seldom used. Stringent testing for all sexual diseases prior to performances has been the norm in the porn industry for many years. Female performers also use some sort of internal birth control, such as the contraceptive sponge. So the lack of condom use is not really that scary at all when the facts are considered.

John Holmes died sometime around 1985 after getting AIDS. It was his drug-abusing lifestyle that lead him to this fate, not his work in the porn industry.

If there's anybody wondering if I am in the porn industry myself, the answer is no, although some have suggested that I give it a shot. I would rather take a pass on it though, because I have studied it closely enough to know it's not all that it appears to be.

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