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2/10/2006 1:10 pm

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ok, we all have names given to us by our parents... and we may have aquired names or nicknames as we grew up. but the names on here are really completely made up things, and like license plates I try to understand what the names mean... some times there is a meaning sometimes I can't make it out.

chuckme4fun just recently looked at my blog and I have to giggle at it... My american english is tainted by living in Australia for a year, living with a Canadian for a year... and listening to a lot of BBC, so I see or hear the word chuck and I think of throwing... don't know how big chuckme4fun is, but my mental image is throwing him up against the wall, or maybe in the bin just to get him to hold still so that the fun can begin...

Now his name could be Chuck... who knows...

my name? wbly well unbenounce to me it was a sports talk radio station in OH. BLY are my initals and I work in radio on the eastern side of the Mississippi river. the number... well the number like in many accounts is how old I was when I signed up originally with what ever service it is...

giggling over chucking it all for chuckme4fun xox sweeties!

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2/10/2006 9:40 pm

I just read a couple of months of your blogs and smiled for the first time this evening. I just updated my profile (I changed like one word) and now it won't let me email until it's "approved"... Please! Is there anything that someone could possibly say that would be denied? Whatever. Anyway, that's why I didn't contact you directly. So, the point is, I'm interested. (I, being the female half of my whole) I'd love to chat.

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