it's toooo hot  

rm_wbly35 47F
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5/29/2006 8:26 am
it's toooo hot

I'm one of those crazy fools that doesn't really like running my air conditioner but would rather just use ceiling fans, and a cool shower before I go to bed. I figure my cats who become very lethargic during the day finding shady places near by open windows have made it six plus years through the heat of much of the summer, and another one won't hurt them too much (though I do think of shaving one cause she's just sooooo hairy).

But my poor little hedgehog I'm worried about. Eddison normally sleeps all curled up in a protective type posture. But in the last 2 days or so I've noticed that he stretches out his little body, and prefers sleeping in his litter box (clay cat litter) over the wooden shavings for his bedding. I'm thinking that the "stones" are a little cooler than the wood chips, but it's just so hot... and I've walked by his container twice during the day to find him looking at me. They are nocturnal animals so it unsettles me to see him awake during the day, with such an acusator look. Makes me feel sad, like I'm a bad mama. But he is an african pigmy hedgehog I would think that genically he would be used to the heat.

I've stroked him (as much as a person can stroke a cactus) just to assure him that I care, and to assure myself that he's still alive. He is eatting and drinking so I know he will survive, I just think that it's too early to be this hot!

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