hedge hog antics  

rm_wbly35 46F
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6/13/2006 8:34 am
hedge hog antics

While I was away on vacation, my house sitters who have a very strange scientific notion of what to feed animals... i.e. try everything, and see if the unusual pet either eats it or dies... decided to try many things in my fridge. When I came back I learned that Eddison eats pineapple, and some cheese but not too much... there were some other things as well.

So I decided to continue the great experiment. I went to the farmers market the other day, and got some greens, and kolorabi. And tore off a chunk of the leaf of the kolorabi and gave it to him 2 nights ago. When I woke up yesterday I was so excited to see that it was gone. So I gave him some more last night... except when I picked up his hollowed log where he was sleeping... lol I found him sleeping on top of the leaf, he hadn't eaten it, instead he was redecorating his home with it! lol

I'll keep trying other things though... along with what I know he will eat some tuna, and occassional mealy worm, and some crunchy kibbles. What did I know Tricks are for Kids.

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