can I post a prayer request?  

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6/16/2006 2:27 pm

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can I post a prayer request?

Ok, so my folks a buying a retirement house 2 years before they are actually able to move there, and they've asked me if I could move out west with them. I will really have very little that ties me to Illinois when they leave for Ore (other than my current job! ) and so I've really given it some consideration.

When I start looking at any place there are a few things I look for... a good school (I will eventually want to go after an MFA in ceramics so it's always in my heart to look for a town with a good school ). secondly I search for a job, and ideally a job at that school so that eventually classes would be subsidized as part of the benifits package. third I look for a church, which might/should go first... but I know that God is in every town, I just have to find the "good fit" with the community... 4th and practically last is a house hopefully close to both the church and the school! that is reasonably priced.

Ok, here ya go... the University of Oregon Eugene is about 3 hours away from where Mom and Dad will be moving. They have a MFA in ceramics (although they don't have a glass department which I am interested in... yet the town does have a glass school ) So... I look further into the school and there is a job that I WANT I REALLY REALLY WANT!!! Although I'm scared to death to apply, and the first round of applicants has already been due, but the job is still posted so I will apply!

There is a Mennonite church (which I was raised Mennonite) in the town, and if that doesn't fit there is a Quaker Meeting with a perminate address as well so that might work too. I will check all of this out when I'm out there in mid July with my parents as they are closing on the house.

My request for prayer? Well to over come fears of applying for the job, that if I'm supposed to get the job that I do a great job knocking the socks off of the gatekeepers - interviewers (and that I'm not too late in applying) and that it all is right in going to ORE before my parents actually make the move. I'm scared to death, but I do think this is the right move at least to consider.


penguinluvr 58M
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6/16/2006 6:47 pm

Candles will be lit in your honor.


rm_immeruu2k4 48M

6/17/2006 8:22 pm


May your request for prayer be answered and you reach the decision that you desire.


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